Introducing the WoW Arena – The main changes in the Shadowlands patch, rewards, leaderboards and movement vehicles. Help in obtaining difficult achievements and titles.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Arena Guide

Despite the plot truce between the factions of the Alliance and the Horde, the battles in the arena take place with unprecedented fury. Each season in Shadowlands, players start from scratch, moving up the PvP leaderboard. For the victory, the participant receives rating points, and when a certain level of MMR is reached, a rare achievement is issued, alongside a mount and a skin for transmogrification. With the start of a new season, the rating is reset, but all the achievements and accessories received remain, which allows them to be collected and used in the future.

Arena WoW Ranked Season Changes

With the release of the new patch, the developers returned to the old equipment scaling system, as it was in Warlords of Drenor. PvP players no longer have to do raids or dungeons to get relevant gear. Items on PvP vendors scale, making them as strong as boss loot.

Items are purchased from NPCs for Honor points and Conquest points. These are PvP currencies that can be earned in the arena or battlegrounds. With an increase in rank, the level of equipment can be increased by spending the same currency. In the Great Vault located in Oribos, you can collect a reward every week. Its quality depends on the maximum rank achieved in the previous week.

If you want to boost your gladiator title in the World of Warcraft 3v3 arena or get rare rewards, but you don’t have enough time to relax in the game, it’s best to order an arena boost. Any achievement can be ordered from professional boosters. You no longer have to dream of the highest PvP title as something unattainable. Having received rare achievements and rewards, you can show off them to your friends or guildmates.

Arena coaching: titles and achievements

PvP battles are a rather difficult test, requiring the player to know not only his character, but also the features of other classes. You can get the title of “Challenger” with a rating of 1600 in just a few days, but not everyone will be able to earn 2400 or get into the top 0.1% of the 3v3 WoW arena players at the end of the season.

Ranks in ranked PVP:

  • Fighter – 1400 Arena rating;
  • Challenger – 1600 Arena rating;
  • Favorite – 1800 Arena rating;
  • Duelist – 2100 Arena rating;
  • Veteran – 2400 Arena rating.

In addition to titles, the game has rare achievements related to PvP battles. For example, “Hero of the Horde”/”Hero of the Alliance” can be obtained by being in the top 0.5% of players on the Rated Battlegrounds by the end of the season. With the release of a new patch or expansion, these rewards will no longer be available. In this case, if you don’t have that much time to get achievements, use arena carry to reach the goals.

PvP Rewards

Each season, the developers add new sets of armor with several colorings. The Pretender Armor uses the standard item skins found in Shadowlands Dungeons. The gladiatorial set differs from the raid set only in color. The Veteran armor set, on the other hand, uses a light color scheme with added visual effects, which makes it the most attractive.

Rewards in PvP are not limited to ranks and armor sets. During the season, players have the opportunity to get several vehicles of movement. In Shadowlands, arena players will be able to tame the formidable Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater and Vicious War Gorm. And with the leveling of honor, you will also be able to purchase vehicles from previous expansions from old merchants.