Maddie goes on to share with Buck who Daniel was and what happened to him. She also told him the circumstances surrounding his birth. Mainly, they were neglected because they couldn’t get over the loss of a child. So, Maddie was left to care for Buck and pick up her parents’ slack. He even learned that getting hurt gave him the attention he so craved. So Buck always felt like he didn’t matter and shared that with the whole of 118. Now Buck is mad at Maddie and Chim for keeping the secret from him.

We also get a background look at Buck and Maddie’s childhood. Buck feels betrayed by the person he counted on most, the person who was supposed to have his back no matter what. However, that has to be put on hold when the 118 gets a call about a factory that is on fire. The factory produces hand sanitizer, so it is highly flammable. Bobby gives out his instructions, and the 118 start their rescue efforts.

While this is going on, we are treated to some flashbacks and the evolution of Maddie and Buck’s relationship. First, she nurtured him and protected him, and how she just wanted to make sure he was ok. I know she did her best while trying to stay alive. Then one day, after breaking a promise to Buck, she gets a postcard from him. Then over the years, she receives many postcards from him about where he is and what he is doing. Finally, he ends up in Los Angeles one day, where he becomes a firefighter.

Buck drifted off from the rest of his crew, and he found someone who needed saving. He manages to get ahold of the captain and tell him where he is. Before they can get inside again, there is an explosion. Inside the burning factory, he tries to save this man’s life. The situation seems truly hopeless. Buck tries a last effort to save the man. As he begins to realize that he can’t save him alone, the rest of the 118 shows up and offers him some strength.

Buck is feeling sorry for himself and apologizing for going off alone. Instead, those that truly love him know his heart. They know that he is a strong and capable fireman who won’t stop saving people. After all, that is why he was born, to help people. He finds a way to forgive the one person he loves most in this world, Maddie.