Source: TGON

Tuesday’s faux-historical fun time showcased the rascally of rascals, scoundrels. Profiling an obscure female pirate to a fake Scottish lord, to the king of the scam, Charles Ponzi, “Drunk History” showed us how NOT to act. The highlights:

-narrator Chris Romano’s biggest scam: the Milli Vinilli scandal of the 90s

-Charles Ponzi was an Italian immigrant who ran his scheme based on stamp purchases (STAMPS)

-Ponzi made $3MM in 1 day…which is $43MM in today’s currency

-narrator Chris threw it to commercial, while nude, in a hot tub

-narrator Hillary Anne gave us the tale of Sadie the goat, a robber who readmitted people

-Sadie had an altercation with a 6ft tall British bouncer, Gallus Mag. Mag bit her ear off

-Sadie became a pirate but ran afoul of the law

-BFF of the show, narrator Rich Fulcher told the outrageous story of Lord Gordon-Gordon, a phony Scottish lord

-Taran Killiam played Lord Gordon-Gordon and he always needs to wear mutton chops, mascots and kilts

-narrator Rich was ok until he started barking like a dog and blowing raspberries

Join in for more drunken fun next week!