Hey! I am back again with more information on the colors in MTG (Magic the Gathering). If you read my previous articles on the colors of mana or play the game you know that mana comes in colors. If you haven’t read my articles on blue islands, black swamps, or red mountains, just follow the hyperlinks. Mana is what we use to put out creatures or cast spells. Aside from black, blue, and red, mana comes in colorless, green, and white. Today, I will be filling you in about white.

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White is the plains. You will often find creatures like birds, Pegasuses, angels, and the Leonin cats. Lifelink, healing, binding, and protection are all found in white. With white, you will find board clearing effects. Akroma’s Vengeance is a perfect example. For combat, you find quite a bit of first strike and vigilance. My son also reminded me of hexproof and the oft happening +1/+1 counters.

My husband’s favorite card is Ajani’s Pridemate because gain +1/+1 for every life you gain. My son’s favorite card is Approach of the Second Sun because it is an instant win card. You play the card once then it goes back into the deck seven cards down and you gain seven life. When it comes out a second time, you instantly win. My favorite card is Akroma, the Angel of Wrath. It’s so cool. Just look at the picture I put below.

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As my son and I were talking, we ended up talking about what kind of color combo decks white works well with. Jack pointed out that you can make a good cat and dog deck. The deck is comprised of white, red, and green. My life and death deck rocks. It is made of white and black. White heals and black destroys.

White is a good color to have to back up your warriors no matter what the color. Do you play MTG? I personally love using white. What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

Lifelink- Controller gains life when creature deals damage

First Strike- Creature gets to deal damage before opposing creature gets a chance often causing death

Vigilance- Attacking creature does not tap when attacking.

Hexproof- cannot be the target of spells or abilities that you opponent controls.

Source Scryfall