I will be the first to admit I am terrible at platformers. Jumping in a video game from one platform to the next leaves me shaking in my boots. I almost always miss, and my sweating becomes uncontrollable. However, I will always make an exception for the LittleBigPlanet series. My husband and I have been playing them since the dawn of our relationship. Plus, it is always fun to smack each other with our little Sackpeople’s hands. That is why I am excited to share my review of Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Source: PlayStation

The Story

Sackboy lives in the realm of Craftworld, in the humble village of Loom. As the Sackpeople live their best lives and go about their days, the sky is ripped open. The big bad of this campaign, Vex, used these terrifying machines to suck the Sackpeople up and bring them to his world to enslave them. His goal is to create a Topsy-Turver machine that will allow him to take over Craftworld. Luckily, Sackboy avoided this fate and managed to steal the plans to the Topsy-Turver machine. With the help of Scarlet, a wise Sackperson, and his friends, he should be able to foil the plot and save the citizens of Craftworld from a cruel fate.

The Good

This title in the LittleBigPlanet series moved away from the 2D platforming perspective and opted for 3D movement. This allows players to move around the space creatively and find hidden areas. The controls have also been altered for a more user-friendly interface. For example, players no longer need to use precision and quick reflexes to move the joystick to slap their friends. Now there is a button for that! Finally, Sackboy also has new gadgets to use, such as the Whirltool. This is a boomerang, and it is absolutely the best tool I used in this title. I had a blast hitting enemies and using it to get around.

The Bad

Honestly, the only qualm I have with Sackboy is the customization elements. Players can no longer pick up stickers and plop them anywhere they deem necessary. Sackboy’s appearance can only be altered at one of ZomZom’s Shops. While this may not seem like the biggest deal, creation was a more significant part of other titles, and it was sorely missed. Overall, I did not find much wrong with this game, aside from these tiny details.

Odds and Ends

In conclusion, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an excellent game for all ages. It supports both online multi-player and couch co-op with up to four players. It is silly, and not meant to be taken too seriously, and is sure to give some laughs to all. When it is not inducing sweats and irritation upon falling to one’s death. Overall, if you want to check out this title, grab a cop for the PlayStation 4 or 5!