Source: Bloody Hell Hotel | Official Steam Page

Bloody Hell Hotel is a management sim with players taking the role of hotel owner. The catch, however, is that you’re a vampire and need to feed.

In this game, players take the role of a vampire that has woken from a slumber that has lasted for centuries. The once wondrous estate is now in shambles, and it is up to the player to rebuild it. However, times are tough, and resources are scarce. It will be up to the player to forage, farm, craft, and fight their way through the crypts, caves, and catacombs under the hotel. Turn the ruin into a thriving business – but try not to eat all your guests on the way.

Source: Bloody Hell Hotel | Official Steam Page

Other Features Include:

  • Renovate your hotel: Fix broken furniture or craft new things, hang wallpaper to make it appealing, and install new appliances to make it modern.
  • Customize the rooms: Upgrade, decorate, and furnish the rooms in the ways you like.
  • Pleasing guests or not: Being a vampire, you can be the welcoming host or the hunter of the night. Choose which guests live and die.
  • Vampiric powers: Use your natural abilities to craft, cook, and service your guests. Just be aware you need blood to use it!
  • Farming and Cooking: Use the resources around your hotel to collect ingredients for food – including your guests themselves!
  • Fighting the night: The dungeons under your hotel are yours to explore. Make weapons, battle foes, and use what you find for your benefit.
  • Management: As your hotel grows, you will need more employees – and can hire other vampires. Just make sure they have enough payment in gold and blood.

Bloody Hell Hotel currently has no official release date but will be available on PC. If you’re interested, check out the player below:

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