With a renewed sense of vigor and urgency, all of the Robinson’s prepare to head to their final destination, Alpha Centauri. Now, if you remember, the reason why no adults could go was that that would cause the ship not to have enough oxygen to keep everyone alive for the journey. But we know Smith snuck on board that ship, and now with Judy’s dad’s, Grant Kelly, alive and breathing, that is another body to supply with oxygen. Smith starts to get suspicious about the third cryo tank. She thinks they plan to freeze her to ensure that they have enough oxygen to make the journey.

Will is exploring the alien city. To his surprise, he found skeletal remains of the beings who created the robots. And they created the robots in their image. He wants to figure out how to change their agenda since those who created them are no longer living. Upon further inspection, the beings may have been killed by their own creation, and the robots have their own agenda and plans. It seems to be more to it than just a stolen engine.

However, in true Lost In Space fashion, there has got to be some dangerous situation that causes a time crunch. This time it’s the asteroid atmosphere. Will is still exploring the city and cannot be reached. So Judy decides to find him with Smith’shelp. However, she has an agenda of her own. Remember, a the end of the day, her self-preservation reigns supreme. She will do absolutely ANYTHING to stay alive. So she grabs a couple of tools for her journey. As they’re walking, Smith begins to voice her concerns about being frozen and all the bad deeds she has done to get off the earth in the first place. When she realizes she can’t manipulate Judy, she prepares to attack her until they hear Will making a lot of noise and a big mess.

The alien city crumbled after Will turned the dials using the alien hand. What has that started, we aren’t sure yet, but there are going to be some consequences of those actions. There are now more important things to worry about, and that is getting off the planet. Smith finally accepts that she is going to be frozen, and she has Will’s assurance that she will be woken up. They begin their ascent with Grant at the wheel. He has to navigate a very tricky asteroid-infested atmosphere. Judy is heavily reliant on the computer and reconnects the autopilot. Basically telling her dad that she doesn’t trust him and he is obsolete. But the kids are now airborne.

Maureen, John, and Don, along with the scarecrow, are trying to get airborne too, but they have a little more work to do. The danger for them is the other robots they have to steal an engine from, and their plan seems to have worked. Unfortunately, John suspects a trap, and that means Mauren and Scarecrow are in danger. SAR is out for blood. So they lose Scarecrow and the engine.