Diana and Matthews journey to Sept Tours begins, but a ride across the country in this time period is far less exciting and romantic, when in reality it’s hours upon hours of hard riding, followed by sleeping on the ground. Far less like the pages of a novel and more gritty and similar to the last day of a rough festival when your air bed has fully burst, and you’ve run out of steam and are existing on fumes. Unfortunately for Diana, this tough journey hasn’t spurred his desire to consummate things, leaving her undoubtedly a little dejected.

Whilst Kit Marlowe is lamenting mornings and running into psychopathic vampires like Lousia De Clermont. (Matthews heavily unstable vampire sister who undoubtedly has Bloodrage.) Something the De Clermonts attempted to pass off as “madness” or “mental illness” over the years, because of course mental health is not exclusively a human struggle. She attempts to seduce him, but finds him entirely unwilling, not being particularly enamoured by her gender. Clearly being rebuffed, no matter how gently is not something she is accustomed to..

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Meeting Philippe de Clermont

Eventually they arrive and meet Philippe. Surprisingly, he is far from impressed when she tells that she is not simply just a witch, she is also a Weaver. His calm grounded response that “There is nothing new under the sun, for me.” strikes a chord as everyone else Diana has met she tends to leave people in awe. He continues, that he’s seen things that she has only read about in history books, which prompts Diana to retort that she’s seen things that aren’t even in the history books….. yet. Leading Philippe to the logical conclusion that she is a Time-spinner. Slightly, puzzling, as he doesn’t seem to know she is a Time-spinner, or, “fileuse de temps” as the French would call it. In the book series he was one of the most intelligent omniscient men, knowing immediately what Diana is

“Oh I am well aware of what you are. I have lived a long time madame and have known many creatures. You are not from this time, nor from the past, so you must be from the future.”

Regardless, he does see that the Mathew standing before him is also from a different time. Credit where credit is due, and he baits Matthew with teasing words, remarking that he seems “out of place” with a rather self-satisfied smile on his face. The television Philippe quickly surmises that despite their exclaims of love, the pair cannot be fully in it, as they have yet to consummate their love. Keen vampiric scenting senses that their two scents are entirely distinct. Separate. This of course throws a spanner in the works as Diana confronts Matthew about why exactly he has been hesitant to be physical. This spirals as Matthew and Diana erupt, we then see Matthew explode on Phillippe. Ever the astute man, Philippe surmises that his son is not feeding regularly enough, causing his manner to ignite angrily easier than it naturally would have. As well as calling him out on what he isn’t telling Diana about himself and their relationship.

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The next morning, after Matthew leaves the chateau, following his fathers’ orders to hunt and feed. Diana meets the de Clermont patriarch and accepts an olive branch, my favourite tête-à-tête that occurred in this entire episode followed this interaction, with our protagonist asking about the books and libraries in Sept Tours.

Following this though, a man arrives at the castle, beseeching the head of the house to talk about a matter of great importance. A fellow witch, knowing Ysabeau’s distaste for witches, Philippe comments that the man is luck his wife is not home. Monsieur Champier, arrives, claiming to have been summoned to the castle, by Diana. Or by her immense power it appears.  Things take a turn when the man repeats what was told to him moments before entering the room, that Diana “has no recollection whatsoever of her past.” Which she rebuffs. Champier looks into Diana’s head, against her will, causing her to feel intense pain. During the process of which he came take away any memories he’d like from her head, and she’ll never know. Threatening to assault her further, Diana’s screams alert Matthew to her trouble, and she wills his sword to her hand. Immediately killing her assailant. Leading us to an intense stalemate, which is sure to be a potent argument as soon as the next episode begins!