Noah takes us on a journey from his perspective. We learned a little bit about their planet, which was war-torn, and they were looking for a new home. His pod was damaged, and so was he. Isobel came for him, or at least that was his perspective. They have put Noah in a pod because he would die otherwise. But Noah breaks out, and they decide to get answers. The truth is more disgusting than she could have ever imagined. It seems Noah has been invading her since she was fourteen.

Noah and Kyle take a road trip to a remote building. Michael follows them. They explore the facility and learn it has aliens. Michael sees a woman, and he knows her. Kyle runs into his brother, so it’s a reunion of sorts for both of them. Since the facility was compromised, it is going to be destroyed, but there is nothing they can do to stop it. So he has to say goodbye before he can get to know her, and we all know his past and how he was an orphan and had a hard life. But, he also knows that he was loved and wanted.

Noah manages to manipulate things to his advantage, but I’m not sure what he wants. Maybe to go home, and he wants to use Max as a ticket to get there. Maybe not the best way to go about getting what you want. Murdering fourteen people and holding Isobel mentally hostage. There was no way that could end well. Noah attacks Max and then Liz. Michael steps in and keeps Noah from killing Max. Noah tries to get Max to see his full potential and that he is special among their kind. So they battle it out, and Noah doesn’t survive.

Noah’s death just produces more questions and confusion. They have to deal with the aftermath of Noah and his actions. He was a psychopath. Michael is at a crossroads with Alex, and he feels it’s time for them to let go of one another. I think that has a lot to do with Maria. Liz and Max are in a good place, so some good did come out of their ordeal, even though some are left with broken hearts and a lack of closure.

Isobel and Michael are trying to see if Noah was telling the truth about hiding a stash of serum and go looking for it. They find a cave but what they find is a shocking surprise. Rosa was suspended in animation in his old pod. What could that possibly mean? Is Rosa dead? Has she been that way for the last ten years? Noah was really crazy. And there is this anticlimatic tone going on. Isobel contacts Max, and they show him the pod. Max has the idea that he might be able to help her. Michael is against it and against telling Liz about her sister.

Alex’s dad tries to kill Kyle, but he is prepared for him, and he takes him out by putting him in a coma. Alex waits for Michael, finally accepting his feelings. There’s no denying their feelings for each other. Michael and Maria decide to take a chance on one another even though Alex is their mutual friend. Maria notices Michael’s hand is no longer messed up, but she doesn’t say much. Max has the potential to heal old injuries and who knows what else. Because as we watch Rosa exiting the cave after being dead for ten years, you wonder just what he really can do.