How To Get Away With Murder S3E8: “No More Blood”


This week’s HTGAWM brings us one step closer to finding out who is #underthesheet. It begins with Annalise in her jail cell, asking Bonnie if she is the police’s anonymous source. Annalise is tired and dejected and seems to have given up the fight but Bonnie swears she didn’t do it and that she will find out who did.

ONE WEEK EARLIER: Bonnie wakes Annalise up to tell her that Frank’s back. Cut to where last week left off, with Frank at Laurel’s apartment. He professes his love to her and she tries to kick him out but he says he’s scared to be alone and doesn’t know what he’ll do. Because this is Frank, this could mean a lot of different, unpleasant things. Bonnie calls to ask if he’s there and then Annalise gets on the phone and tells Laurel to tell Frank that if he comes near the house she will kill him. Frank wants to talk to Annalise but she hangs up. Frank plans to go over to Annalise’s but Laurel gets him to stay.


Wes’s lies are catching up to him and he gets subpoenaed. He goes to Annalise who says that they need to find out who Charles Mahoney’s alibi is. Bonnie goes to Laurel’s to enlist Frank’s services and finds Frank half dressed and Laurel looking hella guilty. AWKWARD and also, poor Bonnie. When will she know peace?


Laurel tells Wes that Frank stayed the night but that absolutely nothing happened.


Wes is still upset, not because he doesn’t trust Laurel but because he doesn’t trust Frank. This is fair since Frank is an actual murderer who killed his bio-dad right in front of him. Laurel tells him that the only reason Annalise is trusting Frank is so that she can protect him. Literally all anyone on this show ever does is try to protect Wes.

President Hargrove calls to meet with Annalise and shows her the divorce papers. Her ex wants full custody, the house, and spousal support. The lawyer Annalise recommended told Hargrove to settle. Her case is tough to win since she pled guilty to child endangerment in order to keep everything hush hush so she could keep her job. Annalise offers to help her and it seems like she may actually be warming up to her. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them friends because Annalise doesn’t do friends.

Oliver gets flowers from Thomas who is begging for another chance. He isn’t interested, though, because he is thirsty as hell for Connor and wants to get busy. Before he has a chance, Michaela grabs Connor and tells him that Annalise wants them all at the house. As usual, Oliver is left in the dark about what’s really going on.

In the new spirit of transparency at AK’s house, Bonnie tells Michaela, Asher, and Connor that Frank is back and helping them with Wes’s case. They are, unsurprisingly, not pleased—especially Connor and Michaela. They have all turned on Laurel, who they assume is on Frank’s side (and they aren’t wrong). Most importantly, they find out that Frank is beardless.


Michaela and Connor bounce, leaving only Asher willing to stay and help out. The goal is to delay the hearing and Wes suggests they leak his medical records (which include his psych hold). This will buy them time because Charles’s lawyer will want to have him evaluated.

Frank is tailing Charles’s lawyer to learn the identity of the alibi. She goes into a nail salon and soon after Frank recognizes that the woman she’s meeting is the same woman who gave him the money to hit Annalise. Bonnie tells him to follow her and asks Annalise if she wants Frank to “take care of it.”


Laurel and Wes are snuggling up together in the hospital waiting room while waiting for his medical records. It’s the same hospital where Meggy works so, of course, she catches them canoodling. She’s obviously hurt, especially because he broke up with her for Laurel after giving her the whole “we’re just friends” lie. Let me tell you, Meggy handles the situation much better than I would have.

Back at AK’s house, Asher asks Bonnie what the deal is with Frank and whether they can trust him. She tells him that he should leave and go study because he’s much better off not being a part of whatever shady stuff is going down. I love that she’s still protective of Asher and I love that he still calls her BonBon.


They send Wes’s medical records to Charles’s lawyer and things play out just as they’d hoped, although Wes’s lawyer calls Annalise out for interfering with his case, though he isn’t going to report it. After he leaves, Annalise tells Bonnie to tell Frank not to do anything to the alibi woman.

Connor and Oliver are having a shower chat in which Oliver is desperate for info about their meetings with Annalise. Connor doesn’t want to talk about that stuff with Oliver ever, and he tells him he’s trying not to get involved in AK’s nonsense. He just wants to focus on work and school and his relationship and anything non-Annalise related but Oliver won’t quit. He really is desperate to get into the inner circle. Thomas calls while they are in the shower but he doesn’t pick up.

Asher and Michaela have another one of their chats where Asher tries like hell to get Michaela to open up and she resists. He wants to know why she doesn’t care about what happens to Wes and she tells him that she’s just trying to put herself first. Asher is still trying to get to the bottom of her mommy issues and he asks why she called. Michaela tells hi she deleted the voicemail without listening to it. Asher thinks she should appreciate that she at least has a mom that calls because his dad is dead and not leaving him any voicemails but Michaela thinks that her mom is only calling her because she wants something.


Annalise preps Wes for his psych eval but Wes wants to talk about whether or not she is going to take Frank back. They almost get into it but they are both just tired of arguing. Annalise asks him about Laurel because she’s Annalise so obviously she knew without having to be told. She seems supportive of their relationship, which is surprising because of how protective she is of Wes and what she knows about Laurel and Frank. Still, it’s clear that Annalise is definitely a Waurel shipper.


Frank calls Bonnie and Annalise tells her to put it on speaker. He sends an email with info on the alibi (whose name is Lisa Cameron). The email includes a photo of her with her daughter. Frank is creeping around in her house, waiting for instructions, and Bonnie tells him to leave. Frank wants to do it for Annalise, as revenge for this woman’s involvement in the death of Annalise’s son, but Annalise doesn’t want him to hurt her or her child. She finally speaks to him to tell him, “No more blood,” and asks him to promise her he won’t hurt them. He is interrupted when Lisa comes home with her daughter. Frank hangs up and hides.


Annalise looks at the picture of Lisa and her daughter and has some flashbacks to the accident and the death of her son. She goes to the liquor store and ends up sniffing some wine and almost taking a drink but she buys a bunch of junk food instead (this week’s most #relatable moment).


Frank calls Bonnie from outside Lisa Cameron’s house to report that he didn’t kill anyone, and Bonnie is actually displeased. She wants Frank to kill this woman for what she did and she tells him to go back inside and do it because it’s what Annalise needs. Luckily for Lisa Cameron, Annalise interrupts this convo when she comes back with a prepaid cell phone and a new plan of attack. Annalise gets the cellphone into Charles Mahoney’s jail cell and has Laurel go to Nate to ask him for help. He’s not trying to get involved in Annalise’s crazy but he does because it’s for Wes. Nate tips off the prosecutor that Charles Mahoney has a cell phone in his jail cell.

Wes has his psych eval and is cleared to testify. In court, Wes continues lying his ass off. When Lisa takes the stand she testifies that she hasn’t had any contact with Charles since he was arrested. The prosecutor presents evidence that she called Charles’s cell phone from her home the night before. (It was actually Frank who called the burner cell from her house the night before.) Annalise’s plan worked and it looks like game over for Charles Mahoney.


Coliver is fighting about Annalise again and this time things get really nasty. Oliver is sick of Connor keeping things from him when it comes to Annalise and thinks that Connor uses him as a security blanket. They break up yet again and I have to say, I can’t deal with the rollercoaster of pain that is Coliver anymore. JUST STAY BROKEN UP, GUYS. Connor goes back to Michaela’s completely devastated. He kicks a table over and Asher comes in to see what’s going on but Michaela shoos him away. Asher goes back into her bedroom and when Michaela’s mom calls, he answers the phone.


Annalise comes home and Frank is there. She tells Bonnie to leave—she’s had her time with Frank and it’s Annalise’s turn. Frank tells Annalise that he begged Sam to let him tell her the truth after she lost the baby but Sam manipulated him and wouldn’t let him come clean. Annalise is not having any of it and soon Bonnie comes in and everyone is crying and Frank pulls out a gun and threatens to commit suicide. Frank is like I LOVE YOU, ANNALISE, and Bonnie is in the background telling him not to while Annalise is yelling at him to DO IT and the whole things is STRESSFUL and cuts off before we find out what happens.


Cut to ONE WEEK LATER: Michaela, Asher and Oliver come running up to Bonnie at the jail and she tells them that someone went to the cops. They tell Bonnie that Annalise called everyone to the house but Bonnie assures them that Annalise is innocent. They beg her to tell them who died in the fire. Cut to Connor, who is very much alive. The only sheets he’s under belong to Thomas, who he is sleeping with out of spite.


On next week’s winter finale, we’ll finally find out who is #underthesheet. All signs point to Frank right now, but this is HTGAWM so I’m not counting out some sort of huge plot twist I don’t see coming.


Author: Ali Sciarabba

Twitter: @alimscribbles

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