The Robinson kids are trying to make due on this no-name planet. Now, it’s not a race to find titanium, but there are a few anomalies on this planet that Will and Penny decide to research. In the meantime, Judy is rescuing her father, but he doesn’t know he’s her father. So she tries to explain herself without explaining herself at first. Then she reveals to him that he is her father and that she understood why she left and that she’s not angry with him. In fact, he is her hero.

Will and Penny come across this place on the planet that gave off the same static power as on the Resolute in season 1. So they decide to explore it with Smith. When there is a Robinson involved, there is bound to be trouble. They get trapped in this cave, and now they have to wonder if they will make it out alive. They bang on the walls and are basically stuck. But it makes it all worth it.

Will and Penny somehow manage to make contact with their parents with the help of Robot and Scarecrow. They are able to talk to one another and gain a renewed sense of vigor and motivation to reunite. Will then discovers that there is more to this planet than meets the eye. It seems it is the birthplace of these alien robots who are hunting down all humans and Will Robinson.

Now, they have to make their way to Alpha Centauri, all of them. Judy’s crew and their mom and dad’s crew. In the meantime, there is this little issue of the alien robot city and the killer robots agenda. Or their new agenda, which is to kill Will Robinson.

Episode 2 seems kind of short, but there wasn’t much that went on in this episode. It seems more like it’s a filler episode just to provide us with the necessary information. So, hopefully, episode 3 will pick up.