If you have ever heard (and we are sure you have) about Marvel or DC comics, you are 100% aware of its main competitor. Now the entertainment world is sure to be the battlefield where Avengers’s and League of Justice’s worlds are fighting for the audience’s hearts and their money, of course. 

Are they succeed? Yes, and both of them.

You’ve probably mentioned that the question «DC or Marvel» became a sort of indicator in some communities. And it has a reason: it’s always a great pleasure to spend your time with people who share your excitement. 

But have you ever paid attention to how far these two giants go? There’s much more than comics and movies. There are universes around these universes, where Marvel and DC compete. For example, in the world of gaming.

PC games

Do you like the way Superman dashingly beats the evil out of his enemies? Or do you prefer the way the unkind, childlike and never-depressed Spider-Man does it? Or maybe you’re crazy about serious and brutal guys like Wolverine and Batman?

Anyway, suppose you suddenly decided to take part in big brawls and colossal destructions in the company of your favourite characters. In that case, you should definitely pay attention to our list of superhero games, which includes the projects under the licenses of Marvel Comics and DC Comics publishing houses and several superhero action games of slightly less known but no less fascinating franchises.

Mobile games

In comics, borrowing ideas has long ceased to be considered blatant plagiarism and has become a tradition. This is especially true of the “Big Two” – Marvel and DC.

Any fan can quickly call a dozen cases where similar characters, teams and entire events have appeared in one or the other – Suicide Squad and Thunderbirds, Deadpool and Deathstroke, Aquaman and Namor, and many others.

Mobile games based on comic books have not escaped this – there are often not just projects in similar genres, but sometimes quite an explicit borrowing. We tell you about the fruits of Marvel and DC’s competition in the mobile market – from fighting games and RPGs to runners and “three-in-a-row” games. 

Gambling games

Yep, here they are, too. Gamblers around the world are fans of Marvel and DC as well. So why can’t they mix their two passions in one? In modern online casino’s you can easily find spectacular games with your favourite heroes. And it’s not only about having fun, line in previous two paragraphs. It’s also about some winnings — and they surely can be an additional point to your preferred team. 

What is common for those casino games related to Marvel or DC universes? They are all about action. Gamblers get more than just spinning reels with bright pictures. They also take advantage of using multiple bonus features.

Additional options here are: 

  • Special WILDs and giant symbols;
  • Several scatter;
  • Significant multipliers;
  • Free spins and  bonus rounds;
  • Jackpots. 

Game providers try to make their games not less spectacular than the movies. And to win the players’ love, they also try to build into the game some unique nuances about the game’s hero. 

For example, the hammer will act like sticky wild in Thor’s games. It will be attract to the first reel with each re-spin during the game like the real hammer comes back to its owner. 

And if we’re talking about DC games, like Betman’s series, there’ll be a plot in the game, and the bonus round can be like mini-games, where the hero fights with the violent. 

Some Marvel games and DC ones participate in one extensive program. This solution helps to gather the huge prize pools for progressive jackpots. 

The progressive jackpot is the bonus option that helps collect a significant amount for the big win. Since every slot of this program contributes a percentage of the bet made to the pool, it’s possible. For example, there are 10 slots joined to the system. And 100 players nade 1000 bet playing during the day. So ve wave 100 * 1000 = 100 000 bets on 1 slot, and 100 000 * 10 = 1 000 000 bets in total. For example, 10% of them goes to the prize pool. And we have +100 000 per day. And what if nobody hot the jackpot during the week? It’ll become 100 000 * 7 = 700 000 per week. That’s how progressive slots may give multi-million prizes. 

Sure, everyone will love Iron Man or Supermen the best if the character will bring them a couple of millions. So we consider slots from list non gamstop casinos 2022 as an effective secret weapon in the Marvel vs DC fight.


Still, it doesn’t matter who actually can win. We bet none of them doesn’t want to become a winner. Marvel and DC competition has a point only when it lasts. Like Coca Colla and Pepsi, like Windows and Apple, like Android and iOS — they are good in pair because every superhero has their enemy. 

In other words: imagine your favourite hero, who has beaten all the enemies and now can live in peace. All their abilities now are useless, there are no challenges, and the biggest problem is that they run out of milk to add to the morning coffee. Would you buy this story to see on a bug screen?