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Downton Abbey is a popular period series on PBS, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I do know that it takes place in the early 1900s and has beautiful costumes. When I saw these and knew I had to show them to you. Hopefully, Downton Abbey fans will enjoy these cookbooks to level up their next fancy dinner!

Downton Abbey Cookbook ~ The book has beautiful pictures of the set and the food. It has two different menus—one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. The upstairs menu has recipes like Champagne Jelly and Lobster Cutlets. The much smaller downstairs menu has items like Spotted Dick and Steak and Kidney Pudding. In addition, the book has beautiful set pictures and excerpts from the show.

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Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook ~ This brings Downton Abbey’s Christmas right to your home. You can’t get much more traditional Christmas than this, I would think. I would have to try the Wassail recipe. I love Wassail. I bet the Cream of Mushroom soup is velvety and rich. There are more photos from the set. They talk about traditions from the time and have character quotes.

The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook ~ This book, like the first one I showed you, is separated into an upstairs and downstairs menu. Again, the upstairs menu is more extensive than the downstairs like in the first book, but they are a little more even. Upstairs, they have dishes like Oysters Rockefeller, Buche de Noel, and Clotted Cream. In addition, there is stuff such as Deviled Kidneys, Mrs. Patmore’s Downstairs Pork Pie, and Tweeny’s Tipsy Cake from the downstairs menu.

Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook ~ Afternoon tea has been a staple of British society for, I don’t even know how long. So it stands to reason that afternoon tea would be included in a show like Downton Abbey. This cookbook not only brings you recipes like English Tea Scones and Madeleines but tells you proper behavior for teatime, how to set up, and what to wear.

Downton Abbey Cocktail Book ~ The book covers cocktails that you could find at Downton Abbey starting in the 1920s. This collection has classic drinks such as a Mint Julep or Ginger Beer and character-based drinks like Downton Heir and The Valet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give a list of drinks to give you more examples than I have. This whole series of books holds beautiful pictures of both food and the sets.

Did these hit a home run for you? These seem to strike a nice balance of being as historically accurate as possible while still being makable by most home cooks. The photos are so pretty, and I would love to try foods out of any of these. Do you have a loved one that would love these? Let me know who in the comments below. Until next time…