Two people are rummaging through some buildings, they took a bunch of dragon fruit, when the “Dark Horses” approach. The two men refuse to give up the fruit and try to attack, one of them is shot, while the second man escapes while the Dark Horses are killing walkers. Dwight was a little upset that he had to kill someone but Sherry insists the kill was clean to their code. The pair return back to the blast cellar hideout with some dragon fruit for their troubles. Kevin, Ken and Briga have been listening on the radio for clues about Padre. Kevin and Kim are ready to look for somewhere else and offer up the use of the cellar to Sherry and Dwight as long as they need. Sherry and Dwight ask for a little more time to find Padre and Kevin decides they can wait a little more.

Dwight and Sherry are lured out into the radiation forest by Strand’s people. They are taken hostage and brought to Strand’s tower. Strand laughs when he sees who are the Dark Horses. Sherry says they would have came if he asked, and Strand said if he knew they were them he would have used a more gentle approach. He has a request, but he wants to drag it out a bit first. Strand says he is particular who he lets in, which doesn’t include Grace, Morgan or Sarah, and Dwight tells Strand to stick his proposal up his ass.

Strand wants them to bring back a person named Mickey, who went to go look for her husband, who he is assured is already dead. He says if they bring back Mickey then Dwight and Sherry will be welcome to live at the tower. Dwight and Sherry decline the proposal from Strand, but also decide they will go look for Mickey because they believe she must know how messed up the tower is and might know how to get into Padre.

Aisha Tyler as Mickey – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Mickey is posted up where Strand told them she would be. They get inside and convince her they weren’t with Strand. They told her they were there to help her find her husband. Strand wants her to return because she has been the only person to figure out how to escape that place. She made some sort of duct tape, phone book reinforced armor and used that to walk past all the dead. Her problem now is that the armor isn’t thick enough and she can’t get where she needs to go with it currently. Dwight recognizes her as a former tag team wrestler with her husband.

Dwight and Sherry refer to themselves as a tag team, said they can help find her husband and then all work together they are sure they can find Padre. Mickey agrees to these terms and they head back to the cellar. Kim, Kevin and Briga were murdered down in the cellar, Dwight buries them. Dwight gets severe second thoughts after this, and thinks that the tower is the best option for all of them. Sherry doesn’t think that giving up and turning Mickey in is the right move, she says she will help Sherry find Cliff and then come back for Dwight.

Dwight is heading to, I assume the bar, and he sees his horse in the woods. He approaches it but the man who ran away from the start of the episode over fruit, and who killed everyone back at the cellar stops him at gunpoint. Dwight makes some move to get into a position to whistle for the horse to kick the mystery man. He gets blasted! Dwight sees that Strand put him up to it, and he would get a place in the tower if he did it and he got to screw Dwight over in the process. Dwight lets the guy become lunch for some walkers.

Aisha Tyler as Mickey – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Sherry utilizes the bloody walker trick by getting Mickey’s suit all yucky and bloody so she can use that to get through the walkers to get inside the gym. Mickey makes it to the front door but it’s padlocked shut. While she tried to make her way back out the walkers started figuring out what was going on and she was being overrun. Mickey yells to Sherry the door is chained shut so she shoots the door and tells Mickey to get inside. Mickey says she won’t go in without her and keeps yelling for Sherry to get inside. Sherry pushes and shoots her way inside and then shoots some walkers so Mickey can get inside. They use some punching bags to block the door. The bags won’t work so they decide to get inside the ring and pick them off one by one.

Mickey’s “husband”, thought not really, was inside as a walker. Sherry kills the walker before Mickey can’t do it, and she yells at Mickey to get inside the ring before the walkers get to her. Sherry tells Mickey she has to keep moving, it might not be for what she thought it would be but she has to find something. The two are surrounded and out of options and both decide to just call Strand, but Dwight catches up to them and gets on some bleachers.

He tells Sherry to not call Strand, and that he hired the guy Eli to kill the Larsons(the family in the cellar). Dwight says Strand probably did it so they would doubt themselves, but he would rather die fighting with her(Sherry) then live hiding with Strand. The girls are out of ammo so Dwight starts shooting some walkers and throws a gun to Sherry. Sherry does some cover fire as Dwight throws another gun to Mickey. All three use guns until, I assume they are all out of bullets and start going to hand to hand combat. Towards the end, Dwight uses a walker to do Mickey’s finishing move, “To Death Do Us Part” as Mickey drops a knife to the walkers head from the top rope.

Cliff had a note on his body, he said he has some maps of where not to look for Padre. He also said look for someone to stand in her corner like he did. Dwight and Sherry say they will stand in her corner. Someone reaches out on the radio for the dark horses and gives coordinates, so the three head to the location. Out in the open is one man, Dwight asks where everyone else is, he isn’t the first to try and ambush. He says it’s not an ambush as he calls out his people, he says it’s an invitation to work together. He says he hears they are good at retrieving things for people. They want to find Padre, and they want the Dark Horses to help them.