Every lover of first-person shooter games will appreciate the effort of the developers in creating this game. Apart from gunplay, players must us,.e strategies, patience, tactics, and tricks to outsmart the opposition. Whether defending or attacking, each team must work together to set goals and achieve them, or they’ll lose every round. 

So, playing this game for the first time will be overwhelming unless you know what to expect and what not to do to avoid jeopardizing the effort of your team members. That’s why we will help you to understand the game a little more in this article. We also recommend the best rainbow six siege hacks and cheats to make the journey easier from the beginning. 

If you’re set to play like a pro, keep reading. 

Rainbow Six Guide-Everything you must know.

  1. Understanding the gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege centers on two teams fighting as defenders and attackers. The playable characters are supposedly from many nationalities, and players can choose the Operator they want before the game starts. These characters have different abilities, and a good combination of these strengths will make a team strong in pursuing their objectives. There is also a Recruit operator that players can choose to balance their team composition. 

Before the game starts, a player will choose the Operator he wants to play as and also the spawn point he prefers. They can also choose the attachments they want for their preferred guns. But once the game starts, they cannot change any of their choices. 

R6 also has an economic system where players can use the currency called “Renown” or the premium currency “R6” to buy weapons, operator skins, cosmetic items, etc. In addition, a player can use their real-world money to buy R6.  

  1. Understand the game modes. 

Rainbow six siege has three primary modes and many secondary modes under them. The three primary modes are Situation, Terror hunt, and Multiplayer modes. The Situation Mode is like a training ground that you must pass through for better performance. In this mode, you’re facing ten different situations such as CQB basics, Tubular Assault, Suburban Extraction, etc. These situations will fortify you as an Operator, and you will learn all the objectives of the whole game. This mode is designed so that the next situation will prove tougher than its predecessor to toughen you up more. 

Another mode is the Terrorist Hunt, a PVE that pitches you against bots even though you’re playing multiplayer scenarios. This model contains 4 scenarios in which you can play solo or as a team. The three terrorists you will hunt in this mode include Ambushers, Roamer, and Bombers. Also, there will be 3 difficulties which include Normal, Hard & Realistic. 

As for the Multiplayer mode, there are two teams of five operators playing against each other. The gameplay includes casual, ranked & custom, while the scenarios include Hostage, Secure Area, or Bomb. The teams will play a specific number of rounds and also switches sides to complete the match. Each match will be won when a team wins a designated number of rounds based on the mode.  

  1. Meet the Attackers 

Rainbow Six Siege is often a match between the Attackers and Defenders. In this game, the attackers are charged with securing the objective, breaching the defense, or clearing. They have high-class gadgets that enable them to carry out the expectations placed on them. For instance, in the plant/diffuse mode, the attackers are charged with planting a spike and guarding it until it detonates. Spike is like a bomb, and if the attackers successfully guard it until it explodes, they win the round. But if the defenders successfully diffuse it, the attackers lose. The role of the attacking team is usually different from one mode to another. But the weapons they use equips them for the challenges. 

  1. Meet the Defenders

Just as the name implies, this group of Operators is charged with defending the objective. For instance, when attackers plant a spike and want it to detonate, the defenders must try to diffuse the spike to prevent it from exploding. This is why their weapons are mostly of medic, armor, denial services, Intel gathering, etc. They use these tools to fortify important spots and to keep the attacker away from building entrances if they want to breach. 

  1. Choosing your character smartly. 

There are many Operators, and you must choose smartly to ensure that you help your team. Thankfully, the Practice Mode can help you understand them better to choose wisely. By the time you’re done practicing with the Operators, you will pick out a suitable one that matches your play style. But many professionals recommend Rook as the most beginner-friendly operator anyone can choose. So, study him better and start the game proudly. 


Rainbow Six Siege is worth your time, especially if you take a little time to understand it. We’ve shared the important aspects to know before playing the game. Honing your skills will be easier when you play the game. The more you play, the better your performance becomes. Also, don’t forget to use the Practice mode and the hacks and cheats to shorten the learning curve.