Online gambling with friends! 

Sometimes, time with friends needs a little added extra spice, gambling and betting can certainly do that. Sure, you could all bet online on your favorite horse, who will win the Super Bowl, or who will be the first person to score a basket in the NBA, but playing online casino games with your friends just can’t be beaten. 

Let’s take a look at what casino games are the best for you to play online with your friends. 


Play blackjack online with your friends, why not? It’s a fun game to play in the casino anyway, but playing online with your friends can be brilliant. Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry already, and being able to play online casinos wherever and whenever you want is a new part of modern life that means no matter how busy we are, we can always fit in a little fun. 

Of course, it just adds to the fun when you can sit down and play a game of online blackjack with your buddies, no matter how near or far they are, you can still gamble with them. Remember, in blackjack you aren’t playing against each other, it’s each of you against the dealer, which is even better if you don’t want to let Dave’s competitive side take over your evening. 


There is also poker, one of the most recognized card games in the world. Poker in real life or online is a show of skill, and playing poker online with your friends can be a great way to brag about how you’ve grown your poker skills lately. Unlike games such as blackjack that have distinct rules for those who take part, everyone will come to the poker table equal. There is no advantage to anyone, so it is just you and your buddies equally playing for some winnings. 

This is great because it means all your friends will be equal. Although you can also play tournament poker, where each of you will buy a stack of chips for money, and once you have bought in, the action will go on until one of you has all the chips. 


If poker is a bit too hardcore for you, and blackjack just isn’t your game, rummy is a great option. There are loads of different variations of rummy, and so it is important that you ensure all players are familiar with the rules before you begin. 

The object of the game is to pick up and put down cards to make an eligible hand. Eligible hands consist of melds, being a set of either three or four cards of the same rank or a run, three or four cards of the same suit in ascending numerical order. 

You can decide which version of the game you will play, and in betting terms you will typically bet on rounds before the cards are dealt. 

What about other games? 

There are plenty of gambling games to play with your friends, however, not all casino games will be to all your tastes. So, what can you do then? You can play alternative games, and turn it into a betting game yourself. There are so many games you can play, games like exploding kittens and cards against humanity are a great option to play online.

Cards against humanity is a great game, and you and your friends can always place bets on different aspects of the game. 

Cards against humanity 

Cards against humanity is not a game for those with tender souls, it is a game filled to the brim with dark humor and dirty jokes. The aim is basically to create the most absurd sentences from the black and white cards. There are many online versions including ‘All Bad Cards’, and you can always bet on these between yourselves. While it’s no poker or blackjack, it’s an option if you have a few friends who don’t fancy playing games the casino way today.