RuneScape is a medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place in the world of Gielinor. Players engage in this world via customizable avatars and can choose their own path in terms of how they wish to play. One could fight NPCs and monsters, complete quests, or enhance their avatar’s skills. If one is more socially driven, they can also engage in mini-games with others, trade, or chat. Gielinor is genuinely the player’s oyster, and finding things to do in RuneScape is an easy feat.

RuneScape Early Access Ad

Source: Andriod Police

When I heard that RuneScape was coming to mobile a few years ago, I was ecstatic. I remember sneaking on to my family’s computer and playing for hours on end just leveling up my avatar’s skills and attempting quests I had no business completing. However, as time went on, I eventually forgot about the news and pushed it off as a rumor until I was perusing on Google Play and found the early access link.

I would like to preface this review with the fact that my internet connection is garbage, I live in a rural area in which it’s common for my internet to be down for several days at a time. There were a few times that I got booted from the server, and I am chalking it up to my lack of quality internet. Otherwise, it was a real blast from the past. I was hunkered down in my bed late at night, upping my smiting skill at it was like nothing had changed. Which to be honest is what I was hoping for. The graphics were stunning, especially on mobile, the sounds of chirping birds lulled me into a sense of security, and I enjoyed the chaotic nature of everyone running to their current objective.

RuneScape Mobile is currently in early access for Android users but in closed beta for iOS. Players with Android will also benefit from the Mobile Founder’s Pack, which gives players exclusive loot. For more information on the closed iOS beta, one should head over to the RuneScape FAQ page or sign up for their newsletter. Another point to note is this game supports cross-platform play, allowing for the fun times to keep rolling. Overall, I would say if you enjoyed RuneScape in 2001, you’d adore this 2020 sneak preview.