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To say that this weeks episode of Supergirl was my favorite episode of all time would be putting it lightly.

If I were trying to introduce someone to this show for the first time, this would definitely be the one I showed them. This week had everything, raised issues of xenophobia, racism, classism, political winking, and the best bit (for me personally at least) was the introduction of one Maggie Sawyer and the amazing storyline of ‘How long will it take Alexandra Danvers to figure out that she’s hella gay’.

The famous the guest star of the week was the one and only Lynda Carter! She played President Clinton Marsdin and she came into town to sign a bill that would allow Aliens all the rights and privileges of an American citizen.

Obviously, this ruffled some feathers, human and Alien alike. Surprisingly, J’onn J’onzz was one the the Aliens against it. He knew that not all Aliens were as lucky as himself and Supergirl. Most of them don’t look human and he knows all about how human react to something that they perceive as ‘out of the norm’,

As he points out, he’s worn the face of a black man for the last 15 years, he knows what being profiled and discriminated against feels like even now.

Another official introduction  was the man from the pod, Mon-El (Chris Wood). The episode begins right where last week left off, with Mon trying to strangle Kara from the medical bay, and then bolting from the DEO with an angry Alex pursuing with a freakin’ rocket launcher.

Later on, when Kara finds out she gets to meet Lynda Carter, she predictably fangirls, like anyone would. I’ve seen a lot of memes referencing Kara as a puppy dog, and I’ve never understood that more than I did in this scene.

When she arrives to the airport, her glee is interrupted when the president is attacked by giant fireballs before she even sets foot on the tarmac.

Predictably, Supergirl and Alex’s first thought is, it must be the Kryptonian dude who just escaped their custody. It doesn’t take long for the NCPD to swarm the area as well, and we are treated to the best meet-cute witnessed on TV in recent history.

When Alex Danvers first sees Maggie Sawyer, her first thought is that this chick needs to get the hell off of her crime scene. How does she do this? By getting within an inch of her face and attempting to *flirt with* intimidate her.

How does Maggie react? Insulting Alex’s “FBI” crew and straight up flirting with her.

Shortly after, Winn manages to track down the medical bracelet that Mon-El was wearing to an abandoned warehouse. Alex does not find Mon-El. Who does she find? Maggie Sawyer deducting her way straight to Alex’s heart.

Actually, she deducts that Alex is DEO and probably annoys the hell out of Alex in the process.

Over at the Catco (without Cat) side of the episode, we have a power struggle between James and Snapper Carr.

Yeah, Snapper is kind of an asshole. He also obviously know exactly how to do his job and work his reporters so I actually like the guy. He already is on the way to helping Kara become a better writer.

He assigns her the job of interview Lena Luthor and Kara is introduced to a device that I’m totally sure isn’t going to get a big call back into a bigger storyline down the road later. Apparently Lena has invented a device that can detect human from Alien.

Kara’s morality radar started pinging off the charts. It isn’t right to create a device that would force people to reveal themselves like that. The initial piece she turns into Snapper is just scathing as her point of view allows, which is exactly the problem. She’s a reporter, she is supposed to give an unbiased view and she did the exact opposite.

The interview that she finally writes and gets published and to my surprise, Lena doesn’t mind that Kara’s own pov is negative. There is just something about Kara that draws Lena in and I can really see them forming a nice friendship that will in no way involve backstabbing and a parallel to the early years of Smallville.

Mon-El is quickly captured and thrown into a cell, where it is revealed that he’s actually *not* Kryptonian, but Daxium. Basically the Montague to Krypton’s Capulat. Kara reveals in short order that she is a big ol’ bigot when it comes to Daxum. It’s one of the prejudices that is a learned hatred and not a self taught thing. She knows that they are dirty peasants and are always starting fights so obviously they suck.

Thing is, Kara left Krypton when she was still a kid. Before she had the chance to grow up and learn within her culture exactly why their people were permanent rivals and if it was even right that she should just automatically hate him.

Some how Maggie got ahold of Alex’s cell number and called out of the blue to ask her out on a date. Well….she asked her to meet her at a bar, where she would buy her drinks and they would have deep conversations about themselves. Not a date at all.

Seriously though, the bar Maggie introduces Alex, and us, to is an Alien safe haven which I think is the coolest idea.

She is apparently a regular here at the bar and with the staff. Ya’ll, if it hasn’t been made very obvious yet, Maggie really likes Aliens.

Her reasoning is cool. They are outcasts, just like she is. So to her, they are all in the same boat of not fitting in with the rest of the human population. This also dovetails into Alex’s lesson of the week. Working at the DEO for so long, all she’s known is evil, world destroying aliens. In that situation it’s easy to forget that there are actually Aliens out there that are just trying to get by in one piece.

So Maggie gets all her good info from talking to her friends instead of punching anything that moves. I feel a Yin and Yang thing forming.

Side note – if I ever had to choose an Alien to be, I’d def choose the one that learns languages by making out. Sign me up please&thankyou!

The next day is the day the Wonder Woman officially signs the bill for the Aliens so obviously Maggie, Alex, and Supergirl all show up to watch over the Prez, and if some certain individual ends up watching the new very attractive detective more, then that is her business and I certainly wouldn’t judge.

Of course just as pen is put to paper, another fireball makes it way and destroys everything but the the Prez. Lucky!

Supergirl of course intervenes and does an amazing “Wonder Woman” twirl to put the fire on herself out while Alex and Maggie battle it out with the chick who throws fireballs.

In a continuing trend of all my favorite tropes, Maggie gets kidnapped by the villain of the week.

Supergirl, who literally has no idea who this rando detective is, is probably pretty confused when her sister starts yelling out about “Where’s Maggie!?”

Alex then does what she would do for anyone that she had known for one entire day. She goes on a punching rampage to find her and then grabs her sister for a definitely off the books rescue mission. I like this trope, but Supergirl manages to make it even better when, after the initial rescue, Maggie turns around and saves Alex and Supergirl from the baddie.

Seriously just book a wedding venue already.

Continuing the list of things that Alex would literally never do for another human/Alien being, she takes Maggie straight into her top secret government facility to get medically checked out. After getting adorably flustered when Maggie accused her of the heinous crime of caring about her well being, we get to see the first official signs of jealousy when the detective bails to go out on a “hot date”.

If you can’t tell, I’m looking forward to this storyline. A lot.

Kara also learned another important lesson when he realized that Mon wasn’t the assassin. Just because they were raised to hate each other, doesn’t mean they have to. The culture and the people that raised them in that pov are gone, so this is a chance for them to start over.

I’m definitely sensing a romance blooming here and I’m honestly pretty neutral on it. It is a little crappy that they had her dump James so quickly, if it is just so she can move on with Romeo. However, the actor won me over more than I was anticipating so we’ll just see where they go from here for now.

We end the episode on an amazing note. Alex presumably told J’onn about the safe haven bar, which is awesome. Everyone needs somewhere where they can completely be themselves. The surprise here was, when the bartender who earlier led Alex to where Maggie had been taken, saw J’onn in his natural form, quickly high tailed it out of there.

Naturally he followed, only to find out the last thing I’m sure he ever expected to find. M’gann M’orzz, the last daughter of Mars. Otherwise known as Miss Martian.

Submitted by Jenn Lueck