Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

Last week, we got through the spookiest day of all and transitioned into the gentle fall month of November. Well, I suppose it depends on who you ask as far as November goes. Especially with Black Friday being a thing.

Well, let’s not get too stressed out. Let’s kick back, relax, and check out some cool art:

7. Blackjack

Starting this week’s off is a more mellow, moody piece by Jeyrolami. A quiet-looking scene with some nice, heavy shadows and some bright, orangish light. The cat looks pretty sure of himself though, with a very slight smirk as he keeps his cards well hidden in one hand, and a drink handy in the other. The colors are interesting, as I hardly ever see a character wearing the same color as their fur. Sure, you have a purple bowtie…but he’s still mostly white. It’s nice, making the purple bowtie, gold buttons, and gold eyes stick out that much more. And playing cards with a bartender? What could possibly go wrong?

6. Rya Laine the Witch

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some killer Halloween-esque art. MouseDoll gives us this darling female feline spell caster. A cauldron bubbling over green gooey liquid, a hovering spell caster with stars and moons on their dress, and a spellbook coupled with green magic energy? This is some good ol’ spooky spell casting going on here! And with heterochromatic slit eyes staring straight at you…who can say no to this witch? She’s either about to ruin someone’s day, make someone’s day, or make like Ursula and wrap up the hero into a deadly deal of some kind.

5. Web of Deciet

No bones about it here – this femme fatale is a for sure a bad gal! Unless I’m reading too much into the title, the bloodred string in her hands, the sharp claws, and the bright red eyes. Some nice, very heavy shadows in this piece, which helps the eyes and red stick out very well. The purple and gold fabric also does a nice job of shining in the darkness, and the darker hues go pretty good with the small traces of red. Don’t get on this one’s bad side – or who knows…maybe it’s her good side we got to watch out for! Looks can indeed kill it seems.

4. Behold My Supreme Power!

Wow! Talk about supremely awesome magic! We’ve now got a wizard added to our list this week, with Lerion giving us one heck of a magic show here. And more classic elements of magical fiction – magic monsters, a spellbook spouting fire, and of course, a cute little dragon familiar. The mix of lighting on this piece is pretty cool – we’ve got the cool, blue moonlight glow clashing with the red hot firey glow of the fire magic. Plus, that wizard outfit looks pretty neat. Plenty of belts and buckles, but still pretty neat.

3. Tucala

Momobeda gives some love to the tucan, which we don’t see too often in this series- or heck, in the furry fandom in general. So I was pleased this past week when I logged into Fur Affinity and was greeted with this pleasant, bright, explosion of color. Whatever effect Momobeda is using, I like it. It adds a lot of intensity to the piece without being too overbearing and draws the eye to the tucan’s joyful expression. Well, having a bright yellow beak definitely helps with that.

2. Avian Magic

Looks like avians are taking over the top three – and spell casters taking over this list. Sulamoon introduced this killer piece of artwork that, according to the copyright below, is a legit piece of Blizzard Entertainment art. That’s always great to see artists online getting their stuff into legit companies. It’s a great piece too – with a very vivid magenta presence and some well-done feathering. The dark blue hood with the gold trim is a nice counterpoint to the magenta and is just as vivid. Add a glowing blue eye, and a glowing pink crystal, and you’ve got a great magical piece.

And now, the #1 piece this week is:

1. Majestic Hero

Coming in at #1 is this awesomely heroic piece by Hundin Santos. Or, he could be a villain, who knows? But he looks heroic to me. And very confident – check out that face! This is a guy who knows how to measure up obstacles to see how challenging they are. The fluff of the chest, hair, and tail work really well too, giving me the royal vibes of a male lion. Lots of horns throughout the piece too, such as the head, collar, and even the gauntlets. Add in a huge sword with fantastic designs and a size that would make Sigfried blush, and you’ve got a killer piece.

Congratulations and well-done Hudin Santos. Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

It certainly looks as if November is off to a pretty good start. The sorcerous influence of Halloween still lingers, but hey, if I can see Christmas lights up until February, we can see delightfully creepy art up until the end of November.

But which piece was your favorite? You all know mine – let me know yours, and I’ll see you all next week!