We open to Katy and her squad giving a fashion show. She’s trying to pick out outfits to show Parson’s, a school for fashion design, to get into their school with a full scholarship. She has a better chance of getting that with someone in the fashion industry writing her a reference letter so she is hoping Gloria will help. Gloria’s idea of help is to sew a dress from scratch after design with no input from her, in 24 hours. That 24 hour includes her working a shift. Francois lets her go early.

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Josie has her own set of problems. Mr. Cabot, not Alexander, will give Josie $20,000.00 to make her first LP for a price. “Take care of Alexander” is the price. Josie feels used and to boot, Mr. Cabot thinks Josie leaked about Alexander and Alexandria once being together. She thinks Pepper leaked it. She is a gossip columnist for The Daily Herald.

Since Katy needs to make that dress for Gloria, Katy has to put Jorge’s dress on hold. Something Jorge is not happy about because he needs it for tomorrow night’s show. He decides to take matters into his own hands. He breaks Katy’s machine. She absolutely flips out. I can’t say that I blame her.

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Josie is motivated to find out what Pepper is hiding. She calls the hotel Pepper was staying at only to find out that she not only is unwelcome but the police want to talk to her about her bill. A fact that Josie asks Pepper about immediately but discreetly. After trying to buy Katy a new machine and coming up a bust, Jorge gets Josie and Pepper to sing show toons with him for Katy.

Even pissed, Katy still covers for Jorge when his Mom is looking for him. Jorge’s Mom doesn’t know he is Ginger and he won’t tell her. When Jorge sees that Katy ripped up his dress that he broke her machine with, he doesn’t ask what happened, he yells at her. Wrong move Jorge. Katy unloads on him and calls him out about his relationship with his own mother. That’s when he gets what him breaking the machine meant to Katy.

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As a peace offering, Pepper found out who leaked the information about Alexander and Alexandria. It was Alexandria. Things are looking up for this relationship. Jorge goes in to talk to Katy. Katy is emotional and is able to tell Jorge all of what is going on. He gets her to move forward. Armed with her friends, Katy goes through the box of her mother’s stuff from when she died.

Does Katy impress Gloria and get the letter? Or does Gloria do her usual and set her up to fail? Tell me your guess in the comments below. Til next week…