Don’t talk about fight club. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

New characters
Let’s be honest here for a moment, Arrow is going back to basics, and it is a great choice, last years season was a little hard to watch. They are going back to basics and what they did well and I think it’s a welcome change. I think the show works better with a team and multiple enemies. Diggle and Thea leave the team and will be replaced with Evelyn Sharp, who has been playing a Black Canary role, who is going to end up with an Artemis persona. In addition we get Renee Ramirez who will be playing Wild Dog, not much is known about him, the best description seems to be a “Casey Jones” from the Ninja Turtles but with guns.

The video was short and fast, we didn’t see a whole lot of any one thing. We saw that Oliver struggling to find his way after Laurel’s death. Felicity telling Oliver that things will never be the same again. We see that Speedy suggests a team, which explains what is listed above. In addition to those we see Curtis wanting to step up to fight for the city that he loves, seemingly getting him steps closer to becoming Mr. Terrific. New characters for the DC Universe as a whole is a great thing, and not the mainstays that everyone knows. I enjoy the shift.

More bad guys
I do like the fact that we will see a number of bad guys and conflicts and not just one standard foe for the season. We know that Chad Coleman formerly of The Walking Dead and the Wire will play gangster Tobias Church. Seems he is going to try to rally the evil all together under one umbrella and wants to be the leader of this arrangement. Honestly he seems like a transitional villain to me, Arrow has dispatched of gangster types before.

We also are going to see a dark archer follow the team. I liked the idea and battle that this was last time with Malcolm Merlyn. It could end up being Prometheus, who is confirmed for the season and we know will be a major enemy for the team. He is best described as an evil Batman type, so I don’t know if him being a ‘dark’ arrow is going to be the Prometheus portrayal or the dark figure is a third enemy the team will battle this season.

Besides that we do know we will have more flash backs, which quite frankly I am over it at this point. He is back in the states, it has been seasons worth and episodes worth now. Let’s just wrap up all the past on tattoos and how he got here, and focus more time on the present conflicts in Star City.

Reminder that Arrow returns Wednesday’s October 3rd on the CW.