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Halloween Kills: An Invincible Franchise

Michael Myers is one monster that doesn’t give up so easily — if ever at all. After some cringeworthy sequels, a decent remake most considered disappointing, the boogeyman everyone loves to be horrified by won’t back down until — it seems — Laurie Strode herself puts him out of his monstrous insanity.

Director David Gordon Green, along with his co-writer Danny Mcbride return with Halloween Kills to continue the story of the first — (no, the second, since it’s a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 film) — one right where it left off, where Michael Myers is left to burn alive by the Strode women in a basement. Of course, since the man is literally the Devil, he emerges from Hell’s fire only to wreak havoc on the community of Haddonfield once again, but not without a fight from not only the Strode ladies but the people of Haddonfield as well.

The movie is set for release this Friday, October 15th.

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