Rainbow Six Siege has tremendously grown since its launch five years ago. Tom Clancy’s game is one of the finest shooting video games. The game focuses on vigorous shooting situations where the Rainbow Six Siege protects the injured and victims and fights the enemy. They gear up for exciting missions and raids.

The game is very interesting as it keeps the group of five on toes and pits teams against each other in intense battles where every room becomes a destructible weapon, and there is nowhere to go. You need to know many factors before you start playing, but if it becomes too difficult? Try the best rainbow six siege hacks to ease the game and top it!

All you must know about Rainbow Six Siege

Understand your team

Rainbow Six Siege is a group of 5, and your strategies change as you pick your operators. Every operator is equipped with a set of armour, and make sure you prep your lineup so that it adds up utility to the team. It is better to go ahead with a default attacking lineup like Thermite, Hibana, Thatcher, Buck and Zofia. 

With the default team, you will have two hard breachers to punch through shielded walls and get better shooting angles (Thermite & Hibana), two soft breachers to deploy shields, evil eye cameras, and other gadgets. At the same time, Thatcher can disable the enemy’s gadgets and have a competitive advantage.

The game lineup gives a better understanding of the gadgets and the gaming strategies you would use. The roles are easy to understand once you play all the operators before you start playing in a pro mode. Follow the 2-2-1 rule of two hard breachers, two soft breachers and one disabler to have a better gaming experience. If you want defence based operators, select two intel operators and operators with one shotgun holder like Smoke, Echo or Lesion. This gives you a balanced team of five. In Rainbow Six Siege, the team makes a difference.

Use clock as your weapon

Rainbow Six Siege is a unique game where you can win in multiple ways. It is not just shooting vigorously, but you can ace it with simple logic and strategic tactics. On defence, the timer can be your best asset. For example, Smoke can pop his toxic grenades by the 0:45th mark to tip off the game in your favour! Even when your roamer survives, he can flank the attackers and start shooting to win the game.

Remember that operators like Lesion, Smoke, Echo, Thermite and Maestro become stronger and powerful when they stay alive for a longer time. Planting the bombs takes almost 7 seconds in Ranked missions, which boosts Maestro’s plant denial strength and gives you a better defence attack.

Changes every three months

The game updates itself every three months, thus changing either two new operators of an operator and defender or a new or updated map. It is vital to stay up to date to bend the game to your advantage. Sometimes the most difficult maps can become your new favourite just because of a new operator on the team.

Always check up on the new six siege content blogs. Siege has many people who keep you up to date with the latest changes, new tricks, new gadgets and tips as it happens. They also explain how the new operators work and what are their critical skills set.

The new operators will always be locked for the first week of the season as they need to be bought to be unlocked. Players with year passes can access them anytime. It is okay to play with default players as they have enough to win the game, but it becomes more challenging and harder to compete as the game goes on. Year passes can be beneficial, and they can easily be renewed.

Sound is your asset

Sounds in the game give you a real-life experience, making it easier to pinpoint your enemy’s location. Sounds from above are louder than the sounds below. So break the window glasses or shoot a hole on the wall to hear your enemies better. You can also quickly notice the changes in the sounds when you make holes. But it is also the other way around, the opponents will hear you too.


Rainbow Six Siege is an intense online multiplayer shooting video game. Over the last few years, the game has evolved, and many players find it very intriguing and exciting. The game lets you mix your operators, and with many rounds of practise, you can choose the right set of teams for you. The game can be won in many ways, and you just have to learn about your operators, the new game layout, your opponent’s strategy, and you are good to go!