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With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to explore some of the spookier things in life. However, rather than watching the same horror movies over and over, this article aims to provide you with something new, something unique, and something seriously spooky.

Audition (1999)

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This Japanese horror film certainly won’t be the last. Audition (1999) follows the story of a widower whose son suggests that he should get a new wife. He agrees and, with the help of a friend, stages a fake audition for a fake film to find his potential new wife. He thinks he finds the perfect woman, though her dark past slowly comes to the surface.

This film is both a psychological drama and an absolute shocker. It has many positive reviews and might be a new one to add onto your list for this October.

Raw (2016)

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Raw (2016) is a French-Belgium film following the story of strict vegetarian Justine. During the first week of veterinary school, in a bid to fit in with everyone else, Justine gives in and eats raw meat for the first time. This small slip eventually descends into a madness that becomes a craving for flesh.

Those that aren’t fans of gore of blood would be best to stay away from Raw, given the nature of the film and some of the scenes that are within it. It does however have overwhelmingly good reviews, so could be one to add to the list for this October.

Lake Mungo (2008)

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Lake Mungo is a 2008 psychological horror film. It uses the mockumentary style of story telling, with interviews with family members and “found footage”. The story revolves around a family that are trying to come to terms with the loss of sixteen year old Alice. The “documentary” made on the family highlights the tragedy, and also the seemingly paranormal events that happen afterward.

This film has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and mostly positive reviews, with many seeing it as an underrated film. It might be a good one to add to your Halloween list.

Daniel Isn’t Real (2019)

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Daniel Isn’t Real (2019) is a mind-bending psychological horror following the protagonist, Luke. Luke creates Daniel as an imaginary friend to help him cope with the world. Daniel however is locked away after convincing Luke to do something awful. However, in Luke’s adulthood, Daniel returns as a charming, charismatic young man – with his own agenda.

Fans of psychological horrors such as American Psycho will likely enjoy this film, especially with it’s many positive reviews. It is also based on a book, so people who prefer to read rather than watch can also enjoy the story of how far someone’s imagination can go.

Noroi: The Curse (2005)

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This film is another found footage one. Noroi: The Curse (2005) follows the disappearance of a paranormal journalist known as Kobayashi. What was originally an investigation into this missing individual slowly becomes a chilling mystery, as the unaware stumble into a demonic entity only known as Kagutaba.

Noroi: The Curse is a film that film buffs have likely already heard of. It has many positive reviews, so if you’re the kind of person that’s into found footage films, this might be the one for you.

Benny Loves You (2019)

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Benny Loves You is a 2019 film that follows the protagonist, Jack, as he tries to improve himself and move on from his past. In doing so, he throws away his childhood plush, Benny. What Jack doesn’t realize is that this move has some very dangerous consequences, and some very deadly intentions.

More light hearted, Benny Loves You still got many positive reviews – and got 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, many reviews say that if you’re looking for something that will genuinely scare you, this might not be the one for you.

Nocturne (2020)

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Nocturne (2020) is an American supernatural horror film that follows a timid musician named Juliet. She struggles with her shyness, wishing she could be more outgoing – like her twin sister, Vivian. Are her prayers answered when she finds the mysterious notebook of a deceased classmate, or are the consequences more than she could ever imagine?

Nocturne is a film produced by Blumhouse Productions, known for other films such as Get Out, The Purge and Paranormal Activity. If you’re a fan of these films, you may want to give Nocturne a chance for something new.

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

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Willy’s Wonderland is a film released this year. While it isn’t going to be the film that stops you from sleeping at night, it still has something else to it. Starring Nicholas Cage as a silent protagonist hellbent on caretaking, this definitely leans more into comedy than horror, but is still one that could be a humorous watch.

The story follows the janitor, who’s car breaks down. He agrees to clean an abandoned family business in exchange for repairs for his car. However, what he didn’t bank on was the place to be filled with animatronics possessed by something with murderous intent.

The Golden Glove (2019)

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This film is definitely for the true crime lovers. The Golden Glove (2019) follows the story of a notorious German serial killer, Fritz Honka, as he haunts Hamburg in the 1970s. The film explores both the gruesome realities of serial killers and their murder sprees, as well as the disturbed minds of the murderer themselves. This film however, given it’s scenes, is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Perfect Blue (1997)

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Perfect Blue (1997) is both well known, and not known at all. It’s an animated thriller/mystery based on the novel Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis. The film follows the protagonist, Mima Kirigoe, a Japanese idol. She retires from her musical career to instead pursue acting, much to the disgust of her fans. As she becomes the victim of stalking, she begins to lose her grip on reality.

While many anime fans would already be aware of this film, it still might be something new for other horror fans. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and might be something different for the month.

The Void (2016)

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For those that want a bit of 1980s horror nostalgia, The Void (2016) might be the film for you. After taking a man to an understaffed hospital, a police officer witnesses strange and violent occurrences. While he doesn’t know exactly what it is, he has a hunch that it has ties to the group of cloaked individuals. However, who they are or what they are is unknown. Is it a cult? Are they aliens? Or is there something even bigger watching?

This is another film that got relatively good ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, even if quite a few members of the audience disagree. However, for those that just want to sink into some horror for the month, this might be a good film for you.

Summer of ’84 (2018)

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Another film for that 80s horror film nostalgia, Summer of 84 (2018) certainly provides. It follows teenager Davey Armstrong, a conspiracy theorist, who starts to suspect the neighboring police officer might be a serial killer. Davey, with the help of three of his friends, launches his own investigation to uncover the truth – and uncovers dangers along the way.

Summer of 84 has multiple good reviews and should be right up the alley of any Stranger Things fan. With both scares and aesthetic, it could be a good watch to add to this month’s watch list.

Kwaidan (1965)

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For something perhaps not new, but a new experience, look no further than Kwaidan (1965). This film is from Japan and stands at a staggering three hours long – though that is because it is actually an anthology that adapts four different folk tales. These include the story of a samurai that marries for money, the story of the Snow Maiden, a blind musician performing for ghosts, and an author who sees reflections in his tea.

This film is definitely unique, however is also known to be very good. It’s another film that has many positive reviews. While it could be argued that this would hold the interest of a very niche audience, it’s still something out of the norm that could shake up your October this year.

The Love Witch (2016)

Having previously spoken about nostalgia and the 60s, The Love Witch (2016) brings in both. It follows the story of a young witch, Elaine, who is determined to find a man who loves her. She makes spells and motions to trick men into falling in love with her, seducing them with too much effect and instead making them into hapless victims. When she finally meets the man she wants to be with, her desperation to be loved drives her into madness and murder.

The Love Witch is a must watch for any vintage horror fan lover. The aesthetic is perfectly imitated and holds up to it’s inspiration. However, this is not a film for the faint of heart, as there is shown to be blood – and a lot of it.

ParaNorman (2012)

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Something a little more family friendly, ParaNorman (2012) follows the protagonist, Norman, and his ability to talk to ghosts. With his unusual gift, Norman has to save the ill-fated town he lives in from a grave curse. Will he and his companions manage to save everyone?

ParaNorman is like the forgotten family member of films such as Coraline and Frankenweenie. It’s a good film with it’s own plot, twists, but still holds some of the same charm as the other two films. It’s still stop-motion animation, still slightly eerie, but still endearing in it’s own special spooky way.

Krampus (2015)

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Some people love Christmas, some people love Halloween – and some people love both. If you’re one of the latter, then Krampus (2015) might be a movie for you to watch this year. The film follows the protagonist, Max, who is a young boy in a loud and argumentative family. Tired of all the fighting, he loses sight of his Christmas spirit, which instead allows something much more sinister to step in instead of Santa; Krampus.

Another layer to this film is how Krampus is a genuine part of folklore. His role is to scare children that have misbehaved. Those that refuse to behave face a slightly graver consequence.

What did you think of these films? Are you going to watch any of them, or maybe you have already? Give us your feedback or your own movie recommendations in the comments below.