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This Week: Tarzan


Source: Tarzan // Netflix // Disney

I wanted to watch a musical this week. I wanted a beautiful, soaring, thought provoking, tear-jerking musical. Netflix was light on that but it does have Tarzan. I have so many issues with Disney. Capitalist to moralist to just poor plot sometimes. Yet, here I was, crying and singing every song to this damn movie. So to honor the moment of joyous sing-a-long, I give you my top Tarzan songs, without any annoying commentary that you probably already know. (BUT SERIOUSLY DISNEY IS AN EVIL CORPORATION)

1. You’ll Be In My Heart (TEARZZZZZ)

2. Trashin’ The Camp (N’SYNC did a version on the soundtrack. Like wut!)

3. Two Worlds 

4. Son of Man

5. Strangers Like Me

But I mean this movie is all about making your own family and that’s beautiful.

Submitted by Kevin Cucolo