If you have played video games at one point in your life but fell out of it, then chances are that you may not have ever gotten into them. Well, now is the time to give them a try yet again. We will not lie: the video game learning curve is steep, but there is nothing better than trying them when on a long break.

Do you fancy horror? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Fiction? Or a combo of the three? Games can give you all of these things. They can break your heart, make you ponder, feel things and become competitive. Here are some ways you can get into playing video games, head on!

Getting the systems to play on

Download Steam on the PC

Many people think that video games cannot run on the computer, but we say think again! No matter what computer you use today, any of them can download and run Steam. You must be thinking about what Steam is? Well, it is a digital storefront that offers games. 

But, you cannot run every game that is available. A lot depends on your PC’s specifications to decide whether you can run games you buy. For instance, an older PC will never be able to run a high-end Red Dead Redemption 2. 

To see the specifications of a game, scroll down on the Steam storefront until you reach the System Requirements section. If the machine lists the requirements, you will be fine.

Get a gaming console 

The console is considered to be an incredible alternative to a PC. That is because it is cheaper and you can play with them without wasting any time. You do not have to give any second thoughts about graphics settings or compatibility issues.  

Playstation 4 and Xbox One are the latest models through which you can play online. Get a decent-sized LED TV that has the lowest “input lag.” Do not opt for the new generation 4K TVs as they are pricey and consoles are incompatible with them.  

Get a Switch 

The switch is one of the neatest devices that can be played as a console on your TV set, holding it in your hands. You can play games directly on the TV, lying horizontally on your bed. Even if you are in your casuals, you will still be able to cross levels. 

What to play?

There is a comprehensive stock of video game genres. Some are explanatory, like puzzle games, flight sims, driving sims, and fighting games, and some are not. Please have a look at our quick guide. 

Brawler/third-person shooter games

You can opt for a third-person shooter game where only the lead hero can be seen on screen with stress on shooting stuff and melee combat: current instances: Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and Bayonetta. 

RPG or Role-playing game 

RPG games are adventure games set in an environment of fantasy or science fiction. Here players can gain new spells, weapons, and abilities by discovering treasure and battling the enemies. Current instances: Witcher, Dark Souls, Dragon Age, and Final Fantasy. 

FPS or first-person shooter games 

FPS games involve shooting games where you view the environment through the lead protagonist’s eyes. Your aim will be to run through linear shooting environments. For example, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Halo. 

RTS or real-time strategy games 

RTS involves battle strategy titles in which the players control direct units of vehicles and direct them against the enemy forces. Both the competitors command and move simultaneously, unlike games like XCOM and Civilization. Current instances: total War, Rome, Starcraft 2.

General suggestions 

Practice walking to get tripped up

Most first-person shooter games have a first-person perspective. You will use an analog stick for moving the camera and the left one to walk all over. If you have never dabbled in a game with controls like these, everything may get disorienting for you. Practice walking for a while until you get accustomed to it. 

If it still does not feel natural, go to the settings tab and invert the vertical axis, also known as the Y-axis. Making these kinds of changes in controls make sense and also helps you to play well. 

Play easy levels first 

There is no right way to play a video game. Today, many games have varying difficulty settings, but that does not mean you keep playing the challenging levels. If you are a newcomer, play on the Easy mode as per https://www.mandategame.com/ to pick up skills and understand the game’s mechanics. With time you will smoothly transition into bigger games. 


Treat gaming like any other chore. This statement may sound counterintuitive, but compelling yourself to play can flip your brain’s switch. Forcing will never let you know if you genuinely enjoy video gaming. Thus, we recommend trying the Tomato Timer trick, where you set a timer and laser-focus on the game for 20 minutes. 

As the time sets off, take a break and complete your tasks. Do this every three rounds for 20 minutes and enjoy a ten-minute gap in between. Repeat and rinse the entire cycle. We hope you liked our guide, and if there is anything else you would like us to discuss, do let us know in the comments.