Father and Son Team up to Create Ethan “The Explorer: The Game”

Father and son united to create Ethan The Explorer: The Game!

Rick Yune stated, “It’s a rare thing when a father and son can share the same experience”. Ethan and his dad, Cris, have the rare opportunity to complete their dream game together, thanks to the funding of their Kickstarter campaign. The kicker? Ethan is only eight years old! The duo has the chance to complete Ethan The Explorer: The Game (ETETG) and I have to say, it’s ingenious. ETETG is by far, one of the most creative games I have ever seen on Kickstarter.

Ethan The Explorer: The Game
Source: Ethan The Explorer: The Game

Ethan The Explorer: The Game follows the life of Ethan, the explorer, and his cousin Chloe, a clever scientist. Chole is a genius and has created a time machine, which brings pirates, dinosaurs, and even evil clones to life. In a world with a bunch of bad guys, who better to save the day than an explorer! With six to eight fully playable levels, ETETG is a game the whole family will love.

Ethan The Explorer: The Game bunny and ethan
Source: Ethan The Explorer: The Game

I played the demo and I instantly fell in love. It begins with Evil Eagle attacking Ethan and a new friend Aslant Bunny explains why. It turns out that Ethan knows a cool dance that no one else knows and Evil Eagle is extremely jealous. With all his infinite wisdom and power, Evil Eagle stole Ethan’s dance moves! With the help of Aslant Bunny, each level unlocks a new dance move that will help to defeat Evil Eagle.

Ethan The Explorer: The Game

Level one began with Ethan needing to defeat some Goblins and the boss Big Bad Mole. I began playing and instantly fell in love with the graphics. Creator Ethan, has a drawing style that makes me wish I was eight again. His color choices are whimsical and playful and reminded me to relax and enjoy my gaming experience. Aslant Bunny is the cutest bunny I have ever seen and even the scary Goblins had an adorable air about them. As I began to fight the Goblins, Ethan would warn me if his health was depleting by saying, “OUCH!” and let me know when he gained health by saying, “YUMYUMYUM”. After looking over Ethan and Cris’s blog, it is noted that Ethan did all the voices. I must admit, this touch was my favorite part. Even hours after playing I kept yelling around my house, “YUMYUMYUM”, in a giddy fashion. The level of care and creativity is high within ETETG and I can’t praise it enough. I absolutely love Ethan The Explorer: The Game.

ethan and cris
Source: Ethan The Explorer: The Game

Ethan The Explorer: The Game was originally a way for Cris to teach Ethan about coding and prepare him for the future. It gave them both a break from their daily lives and allowed them to bond over something they truly love. Ethan’s creativity and Cris’s expertise is the pairing indie developers strive for and it’s lovely to see a father and son team in action. Overall, they have created a fantastic product and I am quite excited to see what they have in store for Ethan The Explorer: Time Ticks Back!

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