Gaming is an activity that makes up the lifestyle of many people, whether you do it in your past time or you do it as a career. It has been around for years and is getting better, more popular, and more accessible by the day. With new games popping up every year, with better graphics, character traits, arenas, and more, there is always something to look forward to. There are a variety of different subgenres of games you can play nowadays.

So, what are the most hyped games of 2021 that we can look forward to? The below information is a quick guide on a few. We break them down into the two main and popular categories of Online Casino Games, and PlayStation/Xbox games.

New Online Slots in 2021

With so many online games to choose from, you can never run out of options, however, some games may be better than others. What’s even better is that if you’ve played them all and are looking for something new or different, the below are some to consider tapping into:

Bounty Raid: an online slot game developed by Red Tiger, this new slot game has 10 fixed pay lines and a jackpot prize of 1000x. The developers have added additional features such as a sheriff bonus multiplier and a bounty hunter re-spin. If you want to explore the Wild West and badlands, this is the game to choose.

The Wisecracker Lightning: not just the name, but also the game looks incredible. An electric slot game with enough entertainment to keep you going for hours, this game, which is available on sites such as Casino and comprises a stack of 3 symbols with every turn and a “Super Symbol” which allows the reels to merge for a bigger payout. 

Rise of Giza: one of the most luxurious and lavishly designed games you can have the pleasure of playing is Rise of Giza. Central to the game are the ‘power nudges’ which take place on a 5 reel and 10 payline interface. Trigger the free spins and increase your multipliers.

PlayStation Console and Nintendo Games in 2021

Balan Wonderworld: this is a single-player 3D platform that stretches across 12 different tales, you can choose from 80 different battle outfits and the same guys that built Sonic the Hedgehog, developed this game so you are sure to be well entertained.

Bravely Default 2: the 3rd of its kind following the 1st “Bravely Default” and thereafter “Bravely Second”. Although you do not need to be familiar with its predecessor to play this one. It has new characters and a new storyline too. 

Other polygon games include Deathloop an action game about an assassin, Chorus which is based in outer space, Diablo 4 which is the next hack-and-slash version of the series and of course the much-anticipated Dungeons and Dragons.

The latest iterations of FIFA are always hotly anticipated releases. Football fans around the world ready themselves for another year of building a team of the game’s greatest and best players – from history and the present – in the title’s most popular game mode, Ultimate Team. FIFA 22 has been met with high praise from critics, calling it the best in recent years. While fans still have their gripes (as they always will), the gameplay has been commended. Nonetheless, updates could well significantly change this aspect of the game back into the much criticised realm of previous FIFAs.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is also a name which will be sitting atop many lists. The franchise is a global phenomenon. While the release of Vanguard will no doubt be popular, it also brings with it a much, much more anticipated release: a new map for Call of Duty: Warzone. Fans have been crying out for a significantly new map for most of the last year, as major streamers have stepped away from the game, citing problems with hackers and boredom. Will Vanguard entice them back?

This is merely tapping into just a few of the many games both on online casinos as well as consoles, that you can look forward to very soon.