When it comes to creating new and exciting content, creators often draw their inspiration from the world around them. While their work offers a novel twist on the source material that inspires it, it’s not exactly original, and that’s okay – in fact, sometimes it adds to its attraction!

Whether it’s inspired by a character, a movie franchise, or a television show we love, this type of game often comes complete with an inherent and pre-existing allure that only increases its curb appeal.

Here are a few fantastically enjoyable examples to prove our point and provide you with a little inspiration the next time you want to play.

The Cleopatra Slot


Source: Pixabay

Cleopatra is one of history’s most famous queens, and she has inspired a slew of content across various mediums. Unsurprisingly, this has included a number of slots, among them this highly popular titular video version. Developed by IGT, the five-reel, 20-payline title takes players on an intriguing journey down the Nile, with lots of luxurious Ancient Egyptian imagery to draw you in and create an engaging and immersive gaming experience. With an RTP of an attractive 95.02 percent, the slot is not only hugely enjoyable but offers a fair chance of winning too – something we’re sure the fun-loving queen would have approved of!

The Tomb Raider Mobile Slot

Sometimes creative content is inspired by people, and sometimes it draws its inspiration from already popular media franchises, as in the case of the Tomb Raider slot. Specially developed for mobile, this game features everyone’s favorite on-screen heroine: the inimitable Lara Croft. A great choice for adventure lovers in search of engaging gaming experience, it has a relatively low in-game jackpot compared to some, but it’s not the amount of prize money on offer that acts as its main draw. Rather, what we love most about this title is its fantastic interface and gorgeous graphics, which make it well worth a spin for the erstwhile gamer.    

Live Casino Games

The key concept behind online casino is to furnish players with exceptional entertainment from the comfort of their own homes. With this in mind, live casino games go one step further in delivering real-world appeal through the accessibility of a computer screen. The idea is to encapsulate the excitement and thrills of a traditional gambling den, but without having to leave your sofa, and many providers now offer an array of options for players to enjoy. These include, for example, live roulette, where the aim of the game is to identify where the ball will fall. It has all the perks of real-world play but delivered straight to your door.

The Vikings slot

If you thought the slot games above turned on a clever concept, how about a title that encapsulates both an intriguing period of history and a hugely popular TV show in one? That’s what you get when you choose to play Vikings. Set around the dangerous and adrenaline-inducing world of Ragnar Lothbrok, it has five reels and 243 active paylines. Offering 78,125 ways to win, it’s not only immersive and beautifully animated but gives you the chance to walk away with up to 10,000 times your initial wager.

Which of these four great gambling games would you most like to try?