Nintendo Switch. Photo Credit: Nintendo

I have had the Nintendo Switch for 9 days now, the same variety as above with neon sticks. Everyone has been talking about Zelda, and with good reason, we will touch on that later, but I wanted to go over some of the other things here if you are going to buy a switch.

Let’s start with what you get when you buy this, if you are lucky enough to purchase this at retail it is $299.99 and tax, second hand market prepare to eat cup noodles for 5 months. For me, I was crazy and lucky enough to wait outside for the opening of three stores on a weekend and got lucky at store three after waiting in the rain for 47 minutes. When you get it and open it up, you see the loading dock to play it on your TV along with an HDMI and adapter cables. You get the unit itself, that has the neon Joy-Con locked to them, and the base for a regular controller if you put the detachable Joy-Cons on them.


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con’s. Photo Credit: Nintendo

Ease of setup? Well it’s a breeze, you can start the handheld unit and setup your preferences, Wi-Fi and start downloading system updates while you setup the pieces to play on your television. It is all pretty self explanatory and should all be set in a flash. The hardest part was deciding which other device I was going to take out of an HDMI slot for the switch.

Oh no you forgot to buy a game what do you do? You can setup your Nintendo Switch username account if, like me you never had one, and you can get your phone and download some accompanying apps. Like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Miitomo. These apps can earn you coins which, to be honest I am not exactly sure what they do I haven’t earned enough yet besides to buy a bank to hold my coins. My assumption is it is to build a virtual room for your Mii in Mittomo, but it could be any ones guess.

The Switch will start having other apps available to it in the future, with talks of Netflix joining the list which is going to be a major win. It has an online monthly service that will be launching in fall. It sounds just like what is used for the Playstation Network(I don’t have an XBox I imagine it’s the same) where you are able to get some sort of game(s) download free every month, discounts, trailer videos etc. It mentions the online portion is free for a few months but I did not see any on the online store. Which yes, they do have an online store, so if for some reason your area doesn’t have a game you want you can download it on the system. Thus far from what I’ve seen games are not hard to come by.

Right now, with limited titles Zelda is the game to purchase, it’s well made, funny, and appears to be a very lengthy game. However on the flip side if you don’t have the system it might be well to wait to buy the game until later one when people have finished it and look to sell it cheaper on secondary markets. A game I would absolutely not buy right now is 1-2 switch. I think that one will be traded in fairly quickly and can be pretty cheap to buy.


Photo Credit: Nintendo, or maybe some pervert on Reddit?

Want an example of the depth of Zelda, well, um someone had to do this right?

I purchased a switch, Zelda, a 2 year replacement plan, and with some people having videos of issues it might not be a bad thing, a pro controller and 1-2 switch. I returned the 1-2 switch to pre-order Mario Kart. Mario Kart is going to be a game changer, and with the Joy-Con controllers being able to be removed and played on the screen anywhere, Nintendo Switch is a great purchase if you can find it and I’m excited that this system has a chance to bring back the house party video game nights with it’s versatility and cult classic games like Mario Kart.