Palia has Mystery, Intrigue, and Farming

Palia is set in a high fantasy world full of adventure and cozy comforts

While this may be the farming sim side of TGON, sometimes we like to stir things up. A while ago, I reminisced about my RuneScape days, and aside from that, I have not played many MMORPGs. MMORPGs, for the uninitiated, are massively multiplayer online role-playing games. They allow players to take on a role in a virtual setting and interact with many other players. Some of the most notable are World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online. While medieval fantasy is one of my favorite genres, sometimes we need something new. That is where Palia will come in.

Source: Palia Presskit

The Plot

Palia is set in a high fantasy world full of adventure and cozy comforts. Thousands of years ago, humans disappeared from the land. Now, humans are back and ready to interact with a whole world full of fantasy races, intriguing creatures, and beautiful landscapes. Players can seek the past knowledge or stay in the present, but the choice is theirs!

When one is not looking for clues to the human’s disappearance, hanging out in town is always an option. There is always gardening, interior design, cooking, and fishing to be done. However, we cannot forget about the NPCs! So make friends, or even find love, with the village folk. Since this is an MMORPG, bring your IRL friends on your quest. No matter where you are in your adventure, there is always something to do with your pals.

Source: Palia Presskit


Palia is currently in its pre-alpha stage, leaving it as much a mystery as humans’ disappearance. However, there is a cinematic trailer on their website. The graphics are bursting with color, and viewers can spot a few unique animals within the world. I am especially interested in learning more about the fancy deer. The music was bubbly and cheerful; I found myself watching the clip several times over. But, I have to know, what happened to the humans? Why are they back? Why is that warforged wearing a straw hat? I have so many questions but few answers based on the trailer. I guess the only way to finish my quest is to wait for the release of Palia.

Odds and Ends

While there is no official launch date, Singularity 6, the studio crafting Palia is very active on social media. In addition, their website is currently looking for pre-alpha testers. So if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest Palia news, head on over to their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Discord. Overall, this looks like a game I will be keeping my eye on!

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