Online games have long become an integral part of the life of every gamer. The opportunity to play a good and high-quality project in your favorite genre with real opponents makes games on the Internet truly popular, exciting, and interesting for hundreds of millions of players from all over the world.

In this article, we will look at a selection of the best client and browser online products of the most well-known genres, in which everyone can find themselves something to play on their computer. All tops consist only of high-quality and interesting free projects that are preferred and recommended by many gamers in 2021.

Best Client Games

There are five products especially popular in 2021. Let’s get started with the Entropia Universe. A multiplayer virtual world where you can earn real money by playing. This is also possible at a Playfortuna casino, one of the top popular Internet activities. Entropia Universe uses a special economic model, thanks to which players can both buy in-game currency for real money and exchange it back at a fixed rate. This is a project with good graphics and just huge, almost limitless game possibilities. Other games are:

  • Enlisted. This shooter is noticeably different from the competition. Large locations where hundreds of players are fighting at the same time (infantry, armoured vehicles and aviation are fighting together), the ability to independently control an aircraft or a tank, detailed uniforms and weapons corresponding to the time – all this ensures maximum realism and spectacularity of the battle.
  • Skyforge. This is a fantasy MMORPG in which you play the role of a god and with the help of future technologies, you have to fight mythical creatures and repel the invasions of alien creatures. Colourful graphics, an atmosphere of endless drive and a well-developed combat system will immerse you in an interesting and limitless game world for a long time.
  • League of Legends. This is a popular Internet fantasy strategy, one of the most worthy representatives of the MOBA genre. To be successful in this game you will need strategic thinking, lightning-fast reflexes, and team play skills. League of Legends is constantly being improved and updated, with new maps and game modes being added, and new players joining the League.
  • Fortnite. A game that needs no introduction and has become incredibly well-known with its free Battle Royale mode. It offers players classic epic battles to the last survivor of the genre, where dynamic PvP fights are combined with construction mechanics and the ability to destroy absolutely everything.

Best Browser Games

Among the developments in this genre, the most popular are the following:

  • Raid: Shadow Legend. An exciting free fantasy MMORPG with everything familiar to fans of the genre. Nice picture, interesting quests, formidable bosses, a strong strategic base, more than 300 heroes from 16 factions to choose from, and ample pumping opportunities.
  • Wartime. Incredible browser-based online strategy with well-drawn graphics, excellent sound design, dozens of different units and a lot of battles. Develop your base, improve technologies, create your strong and indestructible army.
  • Rail Nation. It is one of the most successful browser-based economic strategy games that allows each player to create their own railroad company. Excellent graphics, the realism of the play and huge gaming opportunities make it interesting and popular.
  • Elvenar. An online fantasy-style browser-based strategy, where each player is allowed to play on the side of humans or elves. The imposing scale of the virtual world, rich reality, many branches of improvements and development will be able to completely immerse you in a mysterious world.
  • Forge of Empires. A popular browser-based multiplayer online game in the strategic genre, which provides the player with the opportunity to go through all-time eras from the Stone Age to the present day, in the race for new technologies and the struggle to establish their empire.

Since their first appearance, online games have still not lost their relevance. In addition, they have noticeably improved in graphics and become even more interesting. The field of online playing products is becoming more and more known and in demand every day. For this reason, companies regularly release new ones and make sequels to old games, thereby trying to attract as many gamers as possible.