When the weather changes to bright and sunny, it is time to enjoy the best summer-inspired games. The colorful scenery featuring clear blue waters, calm nature, and a tropical feel will enhance your gaming experience and bring liveliness. 

Whether you wish to enjoy a good old game of Super Mario or check your favorite slots catalog, there are many games to choose from. In this post, we feature the top games that bring the summer vibe!

1. Super Mario Sunshine

Playing games isn’t only about the action. Sometimes you want to enjoy the bright and lively scenery. The Sunshine editing of the classic Super Mario game features warm summer vibes in an extraordinary way. As you move through the game, the sight of crystal clear waters and palm trees will relax your mind. 

2. A Short Hike

The wonderful games feature gorgeous graphics that you will enjoy so much. The game is pretty simple, and you can finish it fast. However, the best thing about it is the graphics. A Short Hike starts with the player at the bottom of the mountain, climbing up to reach the summit. As you move around, you will enjoy the relaxing scenery. Have a chit-chat with the characters along the way and enjoy the luscious greenery.

3. Lonely Mountains

You don’t need to go out and have the equipment to enjoy the peacefulness of biking. The Downhill edition of Lonely MOuntains brings the realistic feel closer to you. You will be challenged to pass different biking trails on the steeping hills while trying not to crash. However, it is the beautiful graphics that make this game very enjoyable. The natural sounds and lush environment mimic the real feel of biking outdoors.

4. Abzu

If you miss summer vacation and the ocean, Abzu will remind you of your favorite sight. The fantastic scenery reveals life in the deep ocean waters. You will be exploring the lively colors and sea animals, which is a pretty relaxing sight. 

5. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed isn’t only an exciting action game. The fantastic game takes you to the Mediterranean sea, allowing you to explore its beauty from the comfort of your own home. While having the chance to become a hero, you get to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean coast. Some of the battles happen on land, but many happen at sea. The high-quality graphics allow a fascinating visual experience as you navigate the levels. The landscape and historical details are highly accurate, contributing to a unique gaming experience. When playing, don’t forget to admire the top-rated locations gamers. The Snake Temple, Gortyn Waterfall, and White Crystal Hills are some of the gamers’ favorite sights.

6. Earthbound

Earthbound had to take place in this list because the plot happens during the summer season. It all starts when a group of kids fights against the aliens to save their country. This action game features superpowers, telekinesis, and lots of violence as the kids are trying to save their land from the alien invasion. In the middle of all that chaos, it is incredible how you can feel the summer vibe. The game emphasizes kids’ freedom during summer, making us feel nostalgic.

7. Sunset Overdrive

The game features vivid and colorful scenery with an adult element. With lots of action and explosions everywhere, the game is a classic but with a colorful twist. You have the chance to explore Sunset City and enjoy the vivid scenery with every action scene. 

Final thoughts

Whether you love the good old classics or want to try a trending game, there are many choices that include the summer vibes. Some of our top-selected summer-inspired games offer fantastic scenery with high-quality visuals, reminding you of the ocean and vacation days. Super Mario will stimulate your mind with the lively colors and remind you of your childhood days. A Short Hike is reminiscent of the summer bike adventures with all the luscious greenery. If you are into Assassin’s Creed series, then Oddysey will amaze you with the Mediterranean vibe. No matter which game is your choice, you are guaranteed to experience the summer vibes.