Connie and Virgil are on the run in the woods at night with walkers on their tail. She wants to try to find her way back home, but with walkers and a storm coming Virgil convinces her to hold up in a house. Virgil helps fight off walkers as Connie tries to break into the house. Inside Virgil says he checked the house and it is clear, he tries to get Connie to rest as she hasn’t slept in days, but she writes it’s “unsafe” and is to worried to sleep. Virgil sits down to relax, but Connie feels she needs to check the house again. In the bathroom she sees inside the mirror a little area to put razor blades, and as she looks in a little closer she sees eyes staring back at her. She freaks out and returns to Virgil, she eventually has to scratch on a picture stating, “not alone”. 

Lauren Ridloff as Connie – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

The two start a sweep of the house when a wall falls down between Virgil and Connie separating them. A crazy growling person on all fours chases after Connie. Connie is on the move and ends up heading down some stairs to a large room with bones, many many human bones that have been eaten in the past. In another room Virgil is fighting off what sounds like a crazy woman, but Connie makes enough noise that the person retreats back into who knows where to be honest. Connie and Virgil work to get Connie out of the wall to the same room as Virgil. The two communicate with each other, Virgil wants to make sure Connie gets out and wants her to keep running to safety to give her a chance because Michonne gave him a chance, which led him to her, while Connie says that they have to leave together. 

These two finally decide to make their move to get out. A family of four, on all fours chase after them, Virgil gets stabbed a few times by what looks like a wild child who jumps on his back. Connie drags Virgil towards the front door and she comes up with a plan. She uses the blood from a dead walker they killed while getting inside the house in the first place, puts the blood and muck all over herself, opens the front door and lets the walkers come inside and start attacking the wild family. Connie helps Virgil outside as he is in bad shape. Two of the wildlings escape from the walkers but catch a slingshot bullet to the head from Kelly! 

The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Elsewhere, Pope makes Daryl torture the hostage to get information on where the others are hiding. Daryl tells the guy to pay close attention, and he says he knows that he is close enough to Maggie to know the location. The guy understands the code but plays tough guy a little more and Daryl is forced to chop off his finger before he gives up the location, a yellow house in a town off 283, and keeps emphasizing antenna, antenna, antenna. The Reapers go to check out the house, nobody is there as it was the wrong house. Daryl was able to send a warning to Maggie and everyone by shaking some electrical wires, this allowed them to go and hide. 

At the next house they found some wet rags which shows the group them that the hostage was telling the truth that people are in that area. Daryl notices that his group are in an underground bunker under a throw rug so he tries to move it back into a more secure place. Daryl tires to get the Reapers to leave by saying it’s obvious the group moved on but they want to stay to look for clues again. So Daryl talks loudly to let Maggie and company know what they are dealing with, he says out loud how many members the Reapers have, and that they have a wall and he buys them enough time to escape under the house and leave. 

Back at the Reapers base, Pope killed the hostage, the group tells Pope that they caught sides of the group but they escaped. Pope said the day was a success, he got the information he needed from the hostage who is now a tied up walker on a post outside the walls. 

I know I don’t comment often about the episodes much, I do have to say that I really enjoyed this episode as it had a much different feel than so many others. I enjoyed seeing how a family has been able to survive for so long in such an extreme way. I also enjoyed the nuances of being able to hear sounds from Virgil’s point of view but not with Connie’s. Well done to the team on this episode.