This episode bounced all over the place, it started off with Aaron having a bad dream, out at night with Gracie and suddenly surrounded by a member of the Wolves, a Whisperer, a walker and others, all the past enemies they have faced thus far. They all close in on him and stab him and he wakes up. Back from the dream world we see Jerry tip toeing his way to the bathroom over sleepy bodies. Inside the bathroom Jerry looks outside and sees a walker out the window, he wakes everyone up quick style, everyone runs outside to either fight off the walkers or to rebuild the wall.

Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

At the Commonwealth the group watches a horrible little welcome video to the city. It has awful acting and awful jump cuts, one of the things it mentions is that everyone has a job picked out that is suited to their strengths. Princess gets the $2 bill back thanks to Mercer, Eugene is assigned to be a High School teacher, Princess is assigned to be a retail clerk, Ezekiel is assigned to animal control. Yumiko doesn’t have a job assigned but the worker onsite is very happy to help her find her brother after he sees the special letter she has. Yumiko’s brother who is actually a surgeon, now works as a baker in the Commonwealth.

Back in Alexandria things are dire, no food, no tools, and a busted wall. Rosita is bringing up the idea they might have to find a new home. Aaron, Carol, Lydia and Jerry head to Hilltop to see if they can find blacksmithing tools that survived from the fire. A Whisperer is in Hilltop hoarding walkers, he is easily captured. He won’t give up any information on how many people are still alive, where they are located or anything like that. Aaron and Jerry take him down to the cells and other people are hiding out inside the cells. One attacks and the Whisperer’s run away, after this Aaron gets crazy and tortures the man for answers, and he is still getting nowhere, and he lets a walker bite his hand. Carol stops Aaron from continuing this dark path that she went on and regretted it and doesn’t want Aaron to have the same fate. After Carol talks some sense into Aaron, they let him go, gives him a knife to cut off his hand and some food. The man says they really don’t believe that people have changed so maybe they would like this information, that they saw one of them leave the Screaming Cave by herself. Lydia does know where that is so Aaron and others take off back home to look for Connie the next morning.

In Alexandria, Judith is training the kids how to fight walkers, while teens are torturing a walker kid, Judith tries to get them to stop and one pushes her and she is psycho and no wonder why her mom left her. She puts the sword to his neck but Gracie stops her. Later at the house someone breaks the handprint board with Carl. Further down the line Rosita wants to help put it all back together.

Not much to report with Negan and Maggie, they make the safe house but nobody else is there to this point. Negan wants to keep things moving so the Reapers don’t catch them, while Maggie wants to wait. Towards the end of the day Gabriel and one more arrives at the safe house. Gabriel says they need to wait for the others since that was the original plan to the dismay of Negan.

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter, Margot Bingham as Max – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

The Commonwealth had some interesting developments, Eugene and Stephanie have some alone time. They get some ice cream, someone comes to get some ice cream for the person in charge Pamela Milton. Eugene notices that on that tray is Rocky Road which is a trigger for Eugene. Eugene loves the ice cream he tries and says he forgot how much he misses creature comforts from the past. He feels bad and wants all his friends back home to be able to experience the same type of things. Stephanie says she can get them to the town radio, Eugene and others take that chance and Eugene is able to talk to Rosita and Judith briefly before all are captured. They are about to be put on trial and if guilty will be dropped off in the banished lands and not allowed to come back. Hornsby, the Operations Manager and face of the welcome video tells them to stop the trial until he can talk to Mercer. Stephanie says they are not off the hook if this works they will still have to pay for what they did.