I wish I renewed my life alert subscription. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

If you need a refresher on where we left off after part one, it’s “HOLY CRAP DAMIAN IS IN OUR APARTMENT TO MURDER OUR FACES AND STEAL OUR SOULS!” Damian says evil things, and then hurls murder magic towards Felicity where Curtis does a terrific job of diving in front of it. Damian then turns his attention to Felicity’s mom and is sucking life force away from her when Arrow arrives and gets his attention. Damian’s henchmen come in to fight and Arrow is able to dispatch them, just in time to get captured by Damian who is sucking his life force, until Speedy comes in with Damian’s daughter, and they make a trade. After the trade Damian is able to escape with the trigger for the nukes and his daughter with a diversion. The team regroups to come up with the next course of action and Felicity is able to find a GPS signal and dispatches the team to investigate. What they found was an abandoned building, GPS, and the knowledge that all sorts of nukes have been launched with around two hours left for the world.

Felicity is working to come up with a plan of attack for all the nukes when HIVE storms in and attacks. A huge battle takes place and the base is THRASHED! The team is able to defeat the henchmen but have a unusable base and weakened confidence. Curtis, who seemed to sense that the team needed a pick up, goes and talks to Oliver, telling him that it takes a special type of person to live in Star City, and that in the past he and his partner lost confidence and was ready to move, but they saw Arrow on their TV reminding them that they are all strong and the city is worth saving. He thinks that the city can be reminded of that again, which Oliver thinks about and takes to heart. He goes into a hot spot in town, hops on a car and starts to shout and rally everyone around who will listen to him. He gets the people to stop fighting, and listen, while this is happening you can see a nuke making it’s way towards the city, Felicity and Curtis come up with a plan on how to divert it away from the city. They are able to do it while the people are watching and it helps get the public behind the cause.

Back at the base the rest of the team obviously watches Oliver’s speech, they also felt good about hearing it and are geared up to fight for the city. During the reflection and getting ready, John Diggle comes clean to his wife in regards to Andy’s death and it wasn’t really self defense like he originally told her. She understood and said she understands that some things have to be done.

With that, they fight, as in everyone, Arrow goes and finds Damian and they go toe to toe, A lot of the town folk from earlier get together to stand up and tell Damian to leave. Damian obviously thinks it is funny and throws a magic spell at them and it knocks all the people off their feet. Arrow tells Damian he is going to stop him, and he is able to repel some of Damian’s magic which catches him by surprise. Arrow follows up by shooting an arrow and it grazes Damian’s face showing everyone that he can in fact bleed. Damian gets his lackeys to show up, Arrow has Diggle, his wife and the town folk and an old fashion slobber knocker breaks out. Everyone is battling it out, Arrow is shot via arrow from Damian. Later after regrouping, Arrow is able to make his way back towards Damian. At another part of the city Felicity is able to track down the person running the computer for the nukes and the power source for Damian. Felicity had a history with him and convinced him to stop fighting to be a hero. He does, he dies, Damian gets weaker, it was just enough where Arrow was able to get him in his grasp, make a relatively easy decision and end Damian’s life with a stab arrow to the chest. Felicity is able to stop the nuclear attack.

With the conflict over, things move at a very rapid pace as the season closes out. No other way to do it besides bullet style.

  •   Thea and John Diggle feel they need to get away from the team to find themselves
  • Oliver ends up becoming mayor!
  • Thea vegges out on the couch watching day time talk shows eating Rocky Road Ice Cream.
  • John Diggle shocks everyone, especially his wife by enrolling back into the service?!
  •  Oliver and Felicity are left to clean up the mess in the base, and in the city just the two of them.