Last season, Elliot and Olivia were reunited, sort of. Elliot Stabler came back but got his own show, Organized Crime which is centered mostly on how a mob boss is connected to the death of Stabler’s wife and other crimes. 

Olivia pops in and out of the show and Elliot comes on SVU every once in a while as well. At the Season 22 finale of SVU, they give the audience a hint that maybe the partners can become romantic. 

So I have listed the pros and cons of if Olivia and Elliot become romantically involved: 


  • Their kids would get along. After all, Olivia was there when Eli was born (Episode 8.20 “Annihilated”). 
  • They have gone through so much together. As they both pointed out throughout the 22 seasons, Elliot is the longest relationship she has had with a man. 
  • They get each other and compliment each other especially in the interrogation room. Imagine that in the bedroom!! 


  • They are named after the show creator, Dick Wolf’s kids so that feels a bit incestuous. 
  • Elliot is grieving (badly) the death of his wife and we do not want Olivia as a rebound 
  • It falls on the plot where a man and woman must be romantically involved. We have seen Amanda with Nick and now Carisi. We see Tutuola marrying his first female partner. Why can’t friends just be friends? 

For me, it is a tie but I am leaning towards no romance. Keep it a strong, familiar, and professional relationship, not romantic. 

What do you think? Should they go forward as more than just professional partners?