Close Enough: Regular Show’s Predecessor

TBS and Cartoon Network are collaborating with J.G. Quintel on a new animated show, Close Enough. The show follows a married couple transitioning from their 20’s to their 30’s, juggling daily life and some…not so normal daily life i.e. stripper clowns. The new show is definitely aimed to a much older audience than Quintel’s Regular Show.

It’s no surprise that Quintel has been itching to do a more mature show, as Regular Show’s pilot included the characters cursing and talking about things that were not “Cartoon Network” friendly.

Original Regular Show, a film by J.G. Quintel:

Close Enough will not air on CN, and the release dates haven’t been established, all we know is that we can expect it to air in late 2017/early 2018. Below is the only footage that is available at this time, but more is expected to come soon.


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