This episode airs Sunday, August 29th. *SPOILERS ALERT*

One correction from last week’s episode, I wrote that Yumiko’s sister was in Commonwealth and looking for Yumiko. It turns out my assumption was wrong and it was really Yumiko’s brother who lives in the Commonwealth.

Starting things off Maggie is fighting off the walkers with her gun until the bullets runs out. At this point the walkers are closing in and you see she is close to the bottom of the train car. Everyone else gets inside the next train car from the roof. Aldon wants to go look for Maggie, but everyone convinces him that she would want them to press on. Daryl with dog as we know are in a different part of the subway, in this little cove is a lot of debris, murals, a walker. The mural shows how high class became low class when things got bad, Daryl also found a note written on money and a guy whose arm was chopped off that was handcuffed to a briefcase full of money. Dog hears someone scream and takes off down a little tunnel despite Daryl’s pleas.

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko, Carrie Genzel as Clark, Matthew Cornwell as Evans – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

At the holding, Yumiko wants results and fast. Princess can still tell soldiers apart and tells Yumiko when to pipe down, while Eugene is shook because Ezekiel is missing. Yumiko confronts a soldier about Ezekiel’s whereabouts and she she doesn’t have an answer she says wants to speak to someone in charge, and Princess pipes in that they want to talk to the manager. Yumiko is being interviewed again but it was really her that was doing the interviewing. She says she knows that they have structure and laws, hierarchy, she also deduces that they use the US dollar as currency based on how much they grilled Princess about $2 and all the other currency they were going to burn. She also did a great job guessing what the interrogators used to do before. Outside the door, Eugene is waiting patiently as Princess excuses herself to use the restroom, with real toilet paper. A guard follows her shortly after leaving Eugene solo for the night. I do have to say, that Eugene being the last one left to get processed should shock nobody.

Picking back up at the train, Maggie is knocking on the floor of the next train car in Morse Code of S.O.S.. All of Maggie’s people want to kill Negan saying he tried to kill her, he said no, he didn’t try to kill her, he saw she was in trouble and chose not to help, those are two very different things. In addition she was just saying she was planning on killing him sooner than later and he is the asshole? Gage, who defected last episode, comes running from the next train car towards them asking for help, he has a ton of walkers on his tail. Aldon wants to save him, but Maggie and company sacrifice him since they don’t have enough ammo to clear all the walkers. Gage apologizes but won’t let the walkers get him so he commits suicide in front of them before the walkers can chomp down on him.

Gage reanimates but nobody is willing to look at him except Aldon, and he says Aldon died the worst way imaginable. Maggie tells a story about a worse way, but it just seems way to forced. Daryl is making his way through a drainage tunnel towards Dog and a walker is on his tail in the tunnel and two others outside the exit. Daryl eliminates all easily and then the other defector with Gage shows up all torn up with walkers behind him. He asks for help, and then later says he lost Gage and the ammunition bag but he hands Daryl a grenade. One end of this trail car is blocked by some seats, while the other side is walker Gage and walkers breaking down the door. The walkers do knock down the door so they all try to take down the walkers. First it’s Gabriel with shotgun and then an automatic weapon, when those are out it is Maggie and others with arrows. Daryl and Dog hear the gunshots and come running, Maggie’s largest member is trying to break down the door at the opposite end with his large hammer. With all the ammo and arrows gone it’s hand to hand combat time, but all the noise has brought walkers from the opposite direction too. Maggie hands Negan a gun and he goes to the other doorway to fight off walkers.

On Maggie’s side they are slicing and dicing up walkers, on Negan’s side after shooting some walkers, Daryl waltzes right onto the train car and shoots a ton of walkers before using hand to hand. He wipes out all the walkers, clears the path and yells for everyone to get into that train car and then find something to hide behind as he shoves a grenade in a walkers mouth and shuts the door, all the walkers explode.

Back with Eugene he is trying to make a shank with wood when he is brought in for interrogation. Eugene says that he duped all his friends in thinking they would go for help, when his real intentions was to find Stephanie, and maybe sometime down the line lose his virginity. This gets him to the next stage as he is moved to meet his friends, Ezekiel looks like he is feeling better, Mercer says they have passed processing they will be escorted by a “beat cop”, a dig at Ezekiel, who says he went to West Point. Before that happens someone came to meet them, which was Stephanie who wanted to know who Eugene was. Let’s just say that Stephanie is a rocket and out of Eugene’s league.

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes, Callan McAuliffe as Alden, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Glenn Stanton as Frost,Marcus Lewis as Duncan – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Last part of the episode is back with Maggie and company, they make it outside again and the rain has stopped. Negan returns the gun to Maggie and holds it a little longer so they can lock eyes but also that a point can be made between them. Before the mission continues Maggie says they need to take a detour to Arbor Hills, Georgie set up some hidden supply depots in case they needed supplies while looking for survivors. It will have ammo, food and weapons, Maggie says where it is and what marker to look for and asks if Negan is familiar with it and can get them there, he says that he does. All of them just walk without any cares in the middle of the street, lining both sides of the street are poles with bodies hung upside down. Negan says they can double back and bypass this when an arrow hits the beat up defector right in the face, and then Maggie’s right hand man gets some sort of sword in his leg. Everyone scatters and hides behind some cars as the Reapers look bad ass with wicket masks and weapons walking with purpose up the street towards them.