In last week’s episode of Lego Masters, the teams blew the judges away with their stories and sturdy architecture. This week, the players had to get a little more hands-on, or is that hands in? This was a challenge all about puppets and playing nice with another team! With the teams get a touch of stage fright or steal the show?

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

Our episode began with the camera panning over to a giant puppet theater made of Lego bricks. Wil Puppette, the new staring co-host, informed the players it was their turn to put on a puppet show. A show does not have just one character, so the teams partnered up! The goal was to make a puppet with at least one moving part and act out the provided script. With ten hours on the clock, the teams were really in for a challenge!

The Builds

ParticipantsBuildTeam Members
Zack and WaynePanachio The Pompous FencerDave and Richard
Mark and StevenBernie The Burnt-Out DragonCaleb and Jacob
Caleb and JacobSamantha The Sassy PrincessMark and Steven
Bryan and LaurenPrincess Pup HazelNatalie and Michelle
Dave and RichardDJ TreatzZack and Wayne
Natalie and MichelleBetty BricksBryan and Lauren
A table of the participants, their build’s name, and other teammates.

The Favorites and Least Favorites

The first team in the top was Zack and Wayne with Panachio The Pompous Fencer. Panachio had style, finesse, and an adorable hat. With movable arms, facial features, and tippable hat, the judges were impressed with the build. Next, Mark and Steven, with Bernie The Burnt-Out Dragon, also found themselves at the top. The judges were impressed with their sculpting skills and Bernie’s movement. The winners this week were Mark and Steven.

At the bottom this week were Bryan and Lauren, builders of Princess Pup Hazel. Unfortunately, the judges felt that this sweet pup did not have enough moving parts. Natalie and Michelle also found themselves at the bottom because Betty Bricks lost an arm during the show. Amy and Jamie also felt that Betty was a little too blocky compared to the other builds. Finally, the team asked to leave their mini-figs on the shelf this week: sibling duo, Bryan and Lauren.

Odd and Ends

The potential Lego Masters outdid themselves this week! There was not one build that I felt was too weak to be this far in the competition. I must admit, though, Bernie was my favorite build of the night. So, in the end, if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.