I’m sure everyone has heard of Marvel official phase three slate.  Now I notice that the slate was fairly close to the one that was leaked a few months go. But I think that the official one seems to be far better and a smart one.

To kick start this new chapter in the MCU, we have Ant-Man which is roughly two months on production. We know it will be a heist film and starring Paul Rudd in the title role. We have been given very little info beyond that.


Until we got this….


Source: nerdbastards.com

I was very happy with the film choices Marvel Studios have assembled for the next phase. I was a bit surprised to see Inhumans and Capt Marvel. Inhumans seems to be a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy, in the sense of being a less known comic book. I feel that Marvel now has faith in their less known properties due to the major hit of GOTG. Capt Marvel came as a shocked because I thought she would be more of a Bruce Banner type as he would appear in other films but not have her own. But it makes sense along with the announcement of the show, Agent Carter. Marvel seems to be pushing for more females and diversity in their projects which I welcome. Black Panther has been heavily rumored so I’m happy to see them not only release the date but give us an actor for the role. It really shows that Marvel has faith in this new hero for the big screen.

Now for Avengers 3 being split into two films is something that gave me mixed feelings. It makes sense due to how this will wrap up phase 1 to 3 and will give us what we been waiting for for 8 years. The infinity gauntlet! But it will kill fans to wait a year between part 1 and 2. Overall, I’m very happy with this slate and Marvel has showed no sign of slowing down.


Source: de.ign.com