A Comprehensive Look at the Love Between Luz and Amity on The Owl House

It goes without saying, but LGBTQ+ prevalence in cartoons has come a long way in the last decade or so. I can still remember how people saw Korra and Asami’s relationship as a watershed moment in kid’s cartoons. Since then, LGBTQ+ couples have become more and more commonplace. Which is good, as it lets kids know at a young age that it’s okay to have these kinds of relationships. However, the House of Mouse has been slower to accept this change. Yes, it had same-sex couples in shows like Star vs. and DuckTales, but never a lead character. All of that changed, though, when along came The Owl House and the ship known as Lumity.

For those who don’t know, Lumity’s the couple name for the main heroine, Luz Noceda, and her one-time antagonist turned friend, Amity Blight. The two have gone from being on bad terms to friends to lovers during the show’s run, and the fans have just eaten it up. It’s easily one of the sweetest ships I’ve ever seen! But Lumity just doesn’t work because it’s LGBTQ. It also works because it shows kids what a healthy relationship looks like, and how it can change both people for the better. Today, in honor of Lumity, we’re going to take a look at their relationship and just why it’s so great.

Character Background

Amity Blight in "I was a Teenage Abomination"-The Owl House
Source-DisneyNOW , RJ Writing Ink

Luz Noceda and Amity Blight first encounter each other back in the series third episode, “I Was a Teenage Abomination.” In her first appearance, Amity comes off as your stereotypical school bully. She’s one of the best students at her magic school, causing her to look down on others and act condescending to them. After seeing her bully another student, Luz decides to put Amity in her place by posing as that student’s project. When it works, Amity goes ballistic at having her top spot taken and almost gets Luz dissected. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen, but the whole situation leaves Amity humiliated.

It would’ve been easy to have this be the start to an antagonistic relationship between these two girls. However, rather than be Luz’s rival, the show uses the following episodes to reveal more to Amity than meets the eye.

Amity’s Abusive Background

The Owl House Episode 15- Understanding Willow and Willow and Amity's Memories
Source-DisneyNOW, RJ Writing Ink

Despite coming from a wealthy family and being talented in school and with magic, Amity Blight has some deep-seated issues. Everyone’s expectations of her push her to be the best while being a detriment to her self-esteem. In addition, her life at home is no better, with her parents being very emotionally abusive. They blackmail into end her friendship with people she cares about and force her to befriend mean girls simply because their parents work with them. Worse, her Mom even forces her to dye her hair green like hers. In other words, her parents see her as less of a person and more of an extension of themselves.

As a result of this trauma, Amity developed a very cynical outlook on the world, often assuming the worst of people. This, in turn, leads her to view Luz’s mistakes or attempts to befriend her as more humifaction.

Luz, the Energetic But Misunderstood Weird Kid

On the other end of the spectrum, we have main heroine, Luz Noceda. She’s a human who found her way onto the Boiling Isles by complete accident; someone who shouldn’t fit in there. Yet the pilot episode makes it clear that she doesn’t fit in on Earth, either. Her energetic and quirky behavior alienates her at school and gets her in trouble with the teachers. It got to the point where her Mom chose to send her to a summer camp to teach her how to be normal, which led to her ending up on the Boiling Isles instead. Despite being human, Luz fits in better there than she ever did back on Earth.

Despite remaining happy and energetic on the surface, the show makes it clear that Luz wants people to love her for who she is. And during her time on the Boiling Isles, she makes great headway, making numerous friends who appreciate her for her weirdness. Yet it’s her relationship with Amity that has the most impact.

The Turning Point in Lumity

After Luz manages to clear up the initial misunderstandings between her and Amity, the two start to become friends with each other. Luz, through simply being herself, helps Amity come out of her shell and learn to be true to herself, despite everyone’s expectations. Once Luz manages to enroll in Hexside, their relationship grows even stronger.

Then, comes the big turning point. The episode that set the Internet ablaze: “Enchanting Grom Fright.” Grom is like Prom, but besides having a dance, the Grom King or Queen must fight Grometheus, this black blob-monster trapped underneath the school that can take the form of a person’s fears. And when Amity’s tapped, she’s too embarassed by her worst fear. After more drama ensues, we finally see what Amity’s biggest fear was: asking Luz to go to Grom with her, only to be rejected. Ironically, Luz goes with her anyway, creating this breathtakingly beautiful dance.

After this, Amity acts nothing like how she did at the start of the show. She can’t be anywhere near Luz without being a nervous wreck. It’s so adorable, and it only gets better.

Stay Away From My Luz

As the second season gets underway, Amity’s Mom notices how her daughter’s beginning to lose control over her. Being a sociopath, her response is to use her clout to have Luz and her friends expelled from Hexside. In addition, she all but tries to have Luz killed in a demonstration of her company’s newest weapon. However, Mrs. Blight underestimates how much Luz means to Amity, as the younger Blight openly defies her mother.

In a very cathartic moment, Amity forces her Mom to let her friends back into Hexside, or face public humiliation. It works, and in the process, Luz starts to fall for Amity.

This moment marks another turning point in Lumity. Now Luz starts to act like a nervous wreck around Amity, barely able to say two words without blushing. The next time they meet, both are in the heat of their infatuation with each other, and it’s adorable.

The next episode “Through the Looking Glass Ruins” was supposed to be focused on another story. However, fans were too busy caring about the B-Plot of Lumity, especially the ending. Having broken free of her mother’s control, Amity symbolizes her change by getting an important haircut. The message is clear: she’s her own person, and it’s all thanks to Luz.

Oh, and this happens.

Lumity at Last

After the big kiss, the Internet blew up from the fan hype. If there was ever any doubt about Luz’s feelings for Amity, it was now gone. However, that didn’t make things any easier.

While the two remained very nervous around each other, it was now Luz’s turn to be doubtful. While her life before the show’s rarely touched upon, it’s all but stated that she was made fun of for being “cheesy” and “cliché” back on Earth. Now that she found someone she really likes, she doesn’t want to mess it up. Which only makes the intervention of Hooty (AKA the Owl House itself) even more embarrassing for her.

Luz’s suddenly negative view of her quirkier aspects almost sinks Lumity before it can even set sail. In the end, it takes Hooty’s crying over his failure to get the two together to give Luz the motivation she needs to confess to Amity. And the results are as sweet as you can imagine!

Lumity Is Still Growing

Besides being a major win for LGTBQ+ couples everywhere, Lumity works especially well for how organic it is. Romance can be hard at any age: people can make mistakes, second-guess themselves, and sometimes flat out fail. But many of us remember it being hardest when we’re young and inexperienced, and we end up falling for the people we never expected. Luz and Amity went from being one-sided rivals to friends to potential soulmates, and the show’s only halfway through its second season.

The best part about Lumity, though? The fact that that ship has set in the middle of the show. As a result, unlike other great ships I’ve liked like StarCo and KatAang, we’ll have time to see how Lumity continues to grow and develop. Luz and Amity both have a lot of learning to do when it comes to their status as a couple, and how they can’t let preconceived expectations define their relationship. Case in point, Amity’s still working on overcoming her parent’s toxic influence. In addition, there’s still time for their relationship to fall apart, and while I know no one wants that to happen, it’s a part of growing as a person. It’s good to teach kids this stuff at a young age, as it will help them immensely in the long run.

But that’s enough from me. What are your thoughts about Lumity? Let us know in the comments below, and go support The Owl House by watching it on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW, or Disney+. Preferably Disney+, since streaming looks to be the future.