It’s one of those weeks again where I’ve only seen as far as Thursday’s episode which, I understand, is how the Aussies are going to be watching Neighbours from now on. I’m not at all surprised that 10 Peach eventually had to make the move in order for the UK and Australia to get back in sync, because it was fairly obvious that Channel 5 weren’t going to do anything about it, I’m just sorry that it’s the Aussie viewers who have to miss out to get us all back on track.

Leo is still being a sleaze

Seriously, Leo is really giving me the creeps at the moment, and even his dimples can’t redeem him. I’m still unsure as to whether he’s genuinely interested in Chloe, or if he’s just pretending to be in order to tempt her away from Nicolette. Either way, he’s still being a super creep, constantly trying to ply Chloe with booze while they’re supposed to be working. Incidentally, where exactly is this vineyard in relation to Ramsay Street? Because everyone seems to get there by car, so presumably there’s been a heck of a lot of drink driving going on. They’re constantly drinking on the job. No wonder they’re having to work late nights – they’re too drunk to get anything done.

Hendrix is on to Leo and, even though he’s 100% correct, it probably isn’t the best move to accuse your boss of trying to hit on your ex-stepmother. Hendrix finds this out much too late, after Leo sacks him. I’m a big Hendrix fan, but I can’t say I blame Leo for sacking him. Accusations aside, I don’t think I’d be very keen to keep employing someone who brings the boss’s girlfriend to work unannounced and then bullies the boss into taking time off to go for a picnic with her. That’s not how businesses work, Hendrix.

What do you mean you’re sacking me? All I did was accuse you of trying to get in
my stepmum’s knickers! Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Despite Hendrix’s best efforts, Leo’s dimples are working their magic on Chloe, as she starts to have serious doubts about her relationship with Nicolette. She’s so dissatisfied that she even envies the grapes. When you think that being a grape is better than your own life, I think you need to sit down and take a long hard look at yourself.

Levi has some fun

I said I wanted Levi to have a bit of fun and he does just that. Fun Levi is pretty cute, he’s much more enjoyable to watch when he’s got a smile on his face instead of moping around in Sad Club with his fellow member, Harlow. The trouble is, everyone seems to want to have “fun” with the same person. Both Ned and Levi have now hooked up with Amy and, despite having only just bemoaned her lack of a love life, Amy inexplicably decides she wants nothing to do with either of them and wants to bugger off to Cairns instead. Is she serious? Levi and Ned are the two best looking men on the street, pick one of them for God’s sake!

Yashvi decides to leave

In typical Neighbours fashion, Yashvi makes a huge life choice when she decides she’s giving up on being a police officer, then she reads one message in her get well card and decides that not only is she going to keep on being a police officer, she’s going to move to Sydney to be with the rest of her family. Also in typical Neighbours fashion, her work transfer is sorted within a matter of 24 hours. At least she actually stays in the street for a whole day after deciding to leave, because usually these decisions are followed by someone hurriedly chucking all their possessions into a suitcase and immediately disappearing off to the airport, never to be seen again. She stayed for a whole night after deciding to leave. Absolute scenes.

Shock as someone decides to leave Ramsay Street, then doesn’t do it within hours. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Roxy realises Jesse is a spy

Just out of shot is the entire Quill family having a picnic, because that’s how Jesse likes his photos. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Roxy proves to be more internet savvy than any other character in Neighbours history by doing a reverse image search on the photo Jesse used on his job application. Lo and behold, the photo reveals that he’s a member of the Quill family. I take back what I said last week about Jesse being smarter than I thought – how dim do you have to be to use a photo of yourself and your Quill family members on the resume you use to go and spy on the opposition? I know the photo was cropped but really, you didn’t have one other photo, Jesse? Not even a selfie? Harlow and Roxy spill the beans to Paul, who decides the best course of action is to lie to Terese and ruthlessly use the knowledge to his advantage somehow. OK, Paul. This is really the way you’re going to go? Can you think of any situations where you’ve lied to Terese about something underhanded you’re doing, and it’s gone well? Because I can think of about 77 times that this has ended with Terese losing the plot with you. This whole thing is going to go belly up faster than Karl Kennedy heading towards the clearance shelf in the supermarket…