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With an uber confident Chidi now awakened, the gang has about 30 minutes to save all of humanity from The Judge’s judgment. As The Judge rolls through all of the Janets and their voids, looking for the humanity clicker, Eleanor, Michael, Chidi, Jason and Tahani put their heads together to come up with a compromise that satisfies all parties.

It’s harder than it looks.

Chidi’s foray into the works of Judith Shklar inspire Eleanor and Michael to agree that the level of cruelty humans face in the afterlife is disproportionate to the lives they led on Earth. Eleanor always thought a Medium Place was needed (a lá Mindy’s house) and they’re back in business with a true idea. The Good Place committee is in agreement but the holdup is (of course) Shawn the demon. Displaying all of his diabolic qualities, Shawn rejects the crew’s offer to torture them eternally in return for saving the rest of humanity.

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With Shawn not on board, the team is back at square one. The only thing to halt The Judge’s march toward Earth erasure is Janet conjuring one of her faves, Timothy Olyphant (channeling his Raylin Givens from Justified character. Rawr.). With her attention firmly on them, the crew lays put a brand new system, one designed to give humans a breadth of experience in the afterlife while allowing room for growth and upliftment.

The plan is solid and the proof of human growth is clear from the thousands of times Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani were rebooted but kept striving to become better versions of their original selves. Janet also chimed in and confirmed that she’s the best not-a-person because she was allowed to evolve.

The argument is compelling and Shawn still says no.

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With the end of all things bearing down on them, it’s only Shawn’s envy that stops the world from ending. The fun in being the leader of The Bad Place is the battles against the humans, Michael and Janet. If humanity is no longer, with whom will Shawn torment? It’s a conundrum for a demon like Shawn.

He acquiesces to the plan, begrudgingly. And with a flick of her wrist, The Judge puts her plans for humanity on the backburner.

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It’s now up to a collaborative effort by architects from The Good Place, The Bad Place and the humans to come up with a fair and balanced afterlife test that calculates humanity’s points. What could possibly go wrong?

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