Last week’s challenge had the players hanging by a thread, with a single brick, to be more precise. After precariously placing hundreds of Lego bricks upon one hanging from the sky, players were ready to blow off some steam. Instead, this week was all about building vehicles and destroying them in a demolition derby!

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

This episode sprung a surprise four-hour challenge on the teams. Arnett started the show by highlighting this beautifully created Lego Lamborgini. Then, after pushing it to the ground, he informed the participants that they would need to recreate the car by memory. Luckily, the teams were provided every brick they would need to get the job done. Amy and Jamie explained that a challenge like this would likely take someone fifteen hours, so this challenge was no easy feat! However, the winners of this surprise build would gain an advantage in the later build. Caleb and Jacob were dubbed the winners; their replica showed the vehicle’s curves and looked closest to the original.

After recreating the Lamborgini, it was time for the teams to duel, demolition derby style. They were given a remote-controlled base, but the rest was up to them. This six-hour challenge had the judges looking for two winners. One that was aesthetically pleasing and the winner of the derby. In the end, only one would reign supreme, and one would be sent to the derby graveyard.

The Build

Zack and WaynePurple Punisher
Mark and StevenToxic Titan
Caleb and JacobSunshine Wagon
Bryan and LaurenBull Car
Maria and PhilipBig Blue Beast
Dave and RichardRad Devil
Natalie and MichelleFear the Horn
Susan and JenMuscle Sprouts Tractor
A table of the teams and the name of their Demolition Derby vehicle.

The Favorites and Least Favorites

Amy and Jamie found Mark and Steven’s build, the Toxic Titan, to be the most visually pleasing. Mark and Steven did not feel that their build would be strong, so they focused on making it look good. This paid off! The winners of the derby were Dave and Richard, with Rad Devil. Rad Devil was made to take hits, and that it did! The winners this week were Dave and Richard.

First in the bottom were Caleb and Jacob, with Sunshine Wagon. Even though they won the advantage in the first challenge, that was their downfall. The benefit was their build was sequestered from the other builds for 30 seconds. However, once the gates were lifted, the Sunshine Wagon went falling off the derby table.  Second in the bottom were Susan and Jen, with Muscle Sprouts Tractor. The judges felt this build was basic and lacked rigidity. So the team leaving their minis on the shelf this week were Susan and Jen. Overall, this episode was full of destruction and mayhem, and I, for one, am here for it! If you want to get your brick on but missed the episode, check out Lego Masters on Hulu.