Welcome back to another awesome week of furry art! We’ve got some more mystical, magical wonder in store for you this week, and yes, some pretty cute picks as well!

Let’s get started by checking out the #7 piece for this week:

7. Mounted Flint

Starting off this week’s list is a pretty gal in blue brought to us by Forest Box. Overall, I really like the style of this piece, and it looks pretty cool. The yellows are placed in some great spots that make them stand out, and the various shades of blue on the outfit also provide some nice variety in color.

Plus, that bat looks pretty wicked.

6. Language, Everyone!

And now we go from the pretty & cool to the straight-up cool. Paityn posted this neat drawing of Stolas from Hazbin Hotel. Which I still need to watch. Oops.

Anyways, once again we have a piece that has such a neat style to it. It’s actually quite the unique style with some nice colors and smooth lines – it almost has a sort of storybook feel to it.

5. Pancake Breakfast

Ok, so we’ve hit pretty, cool, now we’re stopping on cute it seems! Valiet Deer served this adorable breakfast scene. Food is always a delicious element to add, and this picture is no exception. Who doesn’t like a high stack of warm pancakes? There are lots of great things about the piece, and I like how the fox’s color has a somewhat different color scheme from the rest of the pic – helps draw the eye to them so we can see their adorable, excited face.

4. Crystal Cave Expedition

Now this would’ve fit right in with last week’s blue theme! Regardless, we’ve now got a mix of cute and cool, with PsyDoktor’s take on two Pokemon checking out magical crystal caves.

I like the outfits that the Pokemon are wearing, too. Looks really cool and evokes a neat fantasy feeling.

Don’t get too lost in the caves, though. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Some pretty nice honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Shield From the Cold

Kicking off the top three is this sweet piece by Kirena Kaya. Wholesome romance is always a great theme to do a piece around, and what better way to show it than with two lovely dragons cuddling up next to each other, safe and warm from the rain?

But wholesome themes aren’t the only thing that makes this picture great. There are so many nice, intricate details, like wood grain in the shield, for example, that really bring this to life. And the bright, red colors of the dragons against the colder, darker colors outside make for a really nice, warm contrast.

2. Necrotic Might

Taking the #2 spot is this amazing, badass piece by Reuben. Necromancers seem to be finding their way more and more onto this series it seems. Well, it’s easy to do that when you’ve got a striking, action-packed and dynamic piece! I love the sweeping green magic waves, and the hapless skeletons caught in it – it’s a classic necromancer color and it’s done so wonderfully. And the purple fur color and armor meshes really well with that. Add in some wicked armor, complete with a scythe that has a skull with glowing eyes, and you’ve got a frighteningly good piece.

Speaking of magic, that brings us to this week’s top pick:

1. Dangerous Voodoo

Kyander takes the #1 spot with this awesome voodoo-inspired commission. Where do I even begin with this one? There’s just so much goodness that Kyrander has managed to execute with this piece: a nice, dynamic angle, a bright, vivid palette that captures a sense of magic and ritual, and little details here and there, such as the sill and curved trees, that suggests a creepy, gothic feeling.

I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this spellcasting mistress!

She’s the top pick of this week and honestly, one of my top favorites of the year so far. Congratulations and well done, Kyander!

And that brings us to the end of another magically-led week of furry art. But enough of my magical lists – what did you think? Any awesome pieces I missed? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!