It’s been a pretty big few months for Final Fantasy XIV players. Not only has there been loads of new content announced for the newest expansion, but an influx of new players and streamers. A lot is going on in the world of this MMORPG, and the newest installment comes with the benchmark.

Source: Official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube Account

What is the benchmark?

The benchmark lets people get a taster of what’s to come – and see if they can run the game. The benchmark has character creation (which includes the new male Viera option) for those that don’t want to see the usual face of Final Fantasy XIV. Those that are new to the game can create an entirely new character from scratch. Those that already have their character can also import their own to watch them fight in dramatic cutscenes. It uses actual maps and playable maps to score the performance. It’s good for people interested in the game to see how it runs before purchasing or trying the free trial.

There are different categories of performance. If the performance is under the “slightly low” category, it is unlikely that the game can be played. Slightly low can operate if there are some changes. Ideally, anyone looking to play the game is looking for standard or higher.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV | Official Twitter Page

The benchmark also allows players a glimpse into the upcoming skills that jobs will be receiving, such as shields and new attacks. Players can also see the new gear that jobs will receive. It also offers a glimpse into new mounts, new areas, and one of the new beast tribes announced for the Endwalker expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker comes out on November 23rd of this year. Will you be trying the benchmark? Has the sudden rise in popularity got you interested in trying the game? Let us know in the comments!