Have you got a burning hunger for exploration? Want to take on the realms monsters with your friends to prove yourself worthy of Valhalla? Or maybe you want to craft and survive on a homestead in the wilderness instead? Then look no further than the Tribes of Midgard.

What is Tribes of Midgard?

Tribes of Midgard is a “vibrant blend” of survival and action. In this RPG, you can either brave the wilderness solo or co-op with your friends in a team of up to ten players. It is an open-world game where players are encouraged to master both crafting and combat in order to survive. Embark on epic journeys that can span forever in a procedurally generated landscape.

In terms of your character, you can maximize your potential to fit your playstyle – with 90 skills to unlock and master. Alongside the ability to cast magic through runes and forging powerful weapons, the way you play is entirely up to personal preference. The game boasts the ability to create a truly unique character with the matching of runes, weapons, and skills.

Players will also be able to test their might against powerful titans across the lands – all originating from Norse myth in vibrant but deadly battlefields. Stand against the frightful and towering Jötnar, as well as the very beings that brought them. Use your skills in these beasts so big they fill the screen – literally.

Currently, there are two game modes to choose from:

  • Survival Mode: Players can take their adventures to the edges of Midgard, but at their own pace. Explore, craft, and build your Viking homestead anywhere within the realm. Alongside your trusty Allforge, the only limit to your building is your imagination – and maybe your resources.
  • Saga Mode: For players that want more of a challenge. Band together your friends, resources, and your home before the endless winter draws near. This is fast-paced, time attack mode which will see your village attacked upon every nightfall. However, the greater your accomplishments, the greater rewards you will receive when you return to Valhalla.
Source: Tribes of Midgard | Official Steam Page

Is It All About Combat?

Naturally, when it comes to games to play with friends, not everyone is ready to jump in head-first against a fire-breathing titan. However, there is more to surviving than just being the strongest. Every hero needs a home to return to, and this game is no exception. Build towering fortresses fit for gods or just the homeliest hobbit hole to take refuge in. Make forges, farms, or an entire village for your and your friends to live in.

The game also boasts seasonal events that players can participate in to unlock limited edition items. The game is also frequently updated, meaning that there are always new things coming to the game – including in-game pets to bring on your adventures and cosmetic items for your Viking warrior. The newest addition, the Witch Saga, invites players to take on the new realm – Niflheim. Those not so sure about braving the cold, however, can settle with farming the new saplings.

Source: Tribes of Midgard | Official Steam Page

Tribes of Midgard is out now and available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The game also allows crossplay, meaning you can play with others no matter what console they have. If you have more questions about the game, check out the official website here, which links to social media and their FAQs. Finally, if you’re interested in the game, have a look at the trailer below:

Source: IGN | YouTube

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