Photo Source: Bokskapet on Pixabay

The online gaming industry is an industry on the rise, with an annual growth rate of over 10% and global revenues of around $135 billion in 2018. It is not only the number of gamers that is on the rise, it is also the number of hours gamers spend playing their favorite games.

And with this explosive growth, a highly specialized niche of professional gamers has emerged. Professional gamers have become true celebrities. They are as famous in the gaming community as professional footballers are famous in the sports community. They can make 6 and even 7 figure income playing online games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends and many other games.

It seems like every gamer aspires to play professionally and turn his hobby into a full-time job. If you also dream of becoming a professional gamer and you think that you have what it takes to become one, the following tips will help you fulfill your dream and make your path smoother.

Keep your day job

Until you have secured your revenue stream, keep your current job as you still need to cover your living and gaming expenses. Honing your skills will take two to three years before you become competitive enough to earn a living from gaming.

Pick your game

Focus on one game and become a complete master at it. You need to pick the game that suits your eyesight, hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and spatial awareness best. As you will spend long hours playing the same game you should also enjoy the game itself. Popular games for professional gamers include Dota 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends which we mentioned before but there are also other games you can choose like Starcraft II or Warcraft III. Some gamers can even go for the less obvious games like online casino games. Popular online casino games to play professionally include Blackjack and poker. There are also professional players who make money playing online roulette by using special systems and strategies.

Stay motivated

Being a gamer can be a lonely experience, not without its mental challenges. Remember to keep a healthy lifestyle, including time out for family, friends, and other activities while keeping regular sleeping hours. Regular contact with fellow like-minded gamers can help keep you motivated.


Like any job, you need to put in the hours. This means practicing six to eight hours a day, every day. To grow as a gamer, you will need to have a strict practice schedule against opponents who are at or above your level; you will not progress up the ranks by playing solo. In between, you should study professional replays of top gamers over and over.

Have the right gear

Your computer and software are the tools of your trade, and for a professional gamer, the “right stuff” does not come cheap. Do your homework in selecting the right gear, shop around, read reviews, and get advice from your peers; this is not a game of trial and error. Ensure that you have set up your gear in a good ergonomic layout that is comfortable while still giving your body maximum support.

Join the community

Participation in gaming communities is part of your learning experience and gives you a sense of belonging. It is also an opportunity to forge relationships with other professional gamers that can assist you in your career development. Membership of a community will also give you access to discussions groups and forums while also allowing you to build a team around you. Gaming communities will also introduce you to gaming tournaments where you can further hone your skills and ultimately earn the income you are seeking.

Look for sponsorships

Once you have progressed up the ranks, you may come into consideration for sponsorship from suppliers to the industry that can cover some of your bills. You need to win tournaments, but you also have to market yourself and actively seek out sponsors.

If this all sounds daunting, it is, but many gamers before you have walked the same road and become successful, and you can too. Follow our tips, and keep practicing!