Summer is here and things are opening up. Along with the summer season, events are happening again and so with that is also the scorching heat. So, if you are like me and hate the heat, you are looking for nerdy things to do without having to be in under the hot sun for any summer activities. Let’s discuss some things to do for nerds of all types. 

Book Nerds

Image rights to Girl with Red Hat, Unsplash, 2021

Revisit your favorite novel by throwing a themed party. For example, if your favorite novel is The Great Gatsby, grab some champagne, a flapper dress and a few of your friends and ditch technology. Or if Lord of the Rings or Harry Pitter are more your style, gather some recipes, cook your favorites, and invite a couple friends over for a movie marathon and dinner. 

Board Game Nerds 

Wait for a break in temperature and grab some board games; bring them to your favorite outdoor spot and play board games while you people watch. My favorite game is Settlers of Catan. Recently my family got me hooked on Boggle.

You can also bring a the classic, a deck of cards. My mom, grandma, and I are addicted to playing gin rummy.

Nature Lover Nerds 

Copyright, Melissa Rothman, June 2021

Find a couple new nature spots and grab your phone or camera and take a walk and snap a few shots for memories. Choose a few so you can spread them out throughout the whole summer. 

I live in a part of New York State that is within two hours of a lot of state parks. During the warmer weather months I take advantage of them and get out for my fill of nature. Make sure to sunscreen and hydrate as well.

Travel Nerds 

Get in the car and take that day trip! Find some spots nearby to travel to. Always wanted to visit a historic location? Want to visit a nearby tourist attraction? Make a list of a few of your favorite spots and start making check marks on the list.

Movie Nerds

Black Widow finally came out in theaters and on Disney Plus, this gives us Marvel fans a chance to have a marathon of the MCU movies. Is the Marvel Universe not your thing? Then you could always pick another epic series or choose a genre and invite a friend or two over for a marathon. This itinerary is perfect for rainy day or days the heat is unbearable.